These come from 2 different brick iphone I had tried to fixed. one i have tried all the website all the fixes in 3 weeks, no resolve. one i fixed it in 3 hours. sorry for bad English.

The IMEI shows 0049000xxxx even simcard in or without simcard that means it is dead by now. if not read the rest.

if you want to upgrade your phone from 1.0.2 to any version of the new firmware after run the virginizer then Sim shows incorrect sim or no or grey out wifi . DO NOT ATTEMPT DO ANYTHING BEFORE CHECKING THE WIFI & IMEI

first thing to do, check the Simcard IMEI #. It 's 004900XXXXX. If it's so. Take out the Simcard, leave no Sim in the iphone, then turn off iphone and then on. Check IMEI again. if it shows original # 01130000705xxxx, iPhone it is ok.(go to the 1st link below) If it shows 004900xxxxxx and wifi grey out not working. use itune 7.4 with the 1.1.2 version firmware to fix it by restore to the newest 1.1.2 firmware, just click on the restore button in Shift key to select firmware version after that go to 2nd link below. by now i think both the wifi and IMEI is working.
to check
# On the activation screen, slide for emergency and dial: *#301# to make the phone call itself. (If the incoming call dialog quickly disappears but it keeps ringing, just dial 0 (remove *#301# first), and it will call itself)
# Answer the call, and tap on Hold
# Phone will call it self again, tap Decline. You will now be returned to the normal dialer.
# Tap on contacts, and tap the + icon to add a new. The only info you are going to add to this contact is prefs followed by a colon: prefs:
tap save.tap on the (prefs. This will take you to the settings dialog. The reason you want this, is because you need to check Wi-Fi. While you are in the settings dialog, you should also check the IMEI #

2nd Make sure you have a SIM-card with PIN turned off, (the supplied AT&T) put it in. it shows Simcard incorrect (go to 1st link to fix the seczone)because anySIM1.0.2 and iUnlock messes up the seczone, NVRAM and baseband. if it doesn't show anythnig (go to 2nd link below) to downgrade first before doing anything

then take the simcard out, reboot iphone go check the IMEI. if it comes back normal #. your iphone can be fixed (go to 1st link)
(doing it without simcard in from Phase 2 to 3.)

from Phase 2 to 3 keep your iphone auto-lock to never, if it locks or turns off while you running the progam. Your iphone will brick or will not be fixed.