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Thread: Your favorite iPhone game?

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    Default Your favorite iPhone game?
    What is your favorite iPhone game so far?

    Everyone seems to like the Supermonkeyball but I found Diamond Twister to be my favorite. Graphics are simply awesome!

    I found going through the App store a bit slow and cumbersome, so I go here first: iphone games

    It only works for their games but I got 2 of them so far and they are among the best of the games I got for iphone. It seems to work smoother from that link on my comp, might just be me but I don't think the app store is too userfriendly. I do most of my shopping while at work, where I can't use my phone. haha

    I actually got the Bejeweled too just to see the difference (call me stupid for buying two of the same type of game, you wouldn't be the first) but I like Diamond Twister a lot better. If the games that come out continue to be as good as Diamond Twister or better the iphone might replace my nokia n82 as my dedicated mobile gaming platform. Some of the other games I picked up weren't nearly as good but overall I find the quality to be commendable.

    How about you?

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    I like the free Mahjong game.

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    My absolute favorite right now is Aurora Feint. Hands down the best free game and beats out a lot of paid games at the moment.

    I love the design, theme and overall gameplay.

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    The Aurora Feint is pretty cool!

    Any more contenders out there for best game?

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    I like Super Monkey ball. It's actually very challenging! I'm still not past the first world... Graphics are awesome, and game play silky smooth. Definitely worth the $$. Really shows off the potential of the iPhone platform combined with the accelerometer.

    Cro-Mag rally is not bad... but it's hard to control and the graphics aren't that great. It gets repetitive... not enough variance between the vehicles you can choose. IMO not worth the $10.

    Bubble Bash is a lot of fun! I was addicted to Bust-a-Move on my 64, so I like this game a lot. Worth it for $8.

    I haven't downloaded Crash Bandicoot because everybody is complaining about lag in the game. I'll wait for an update and some positive reviews before I go for that one.

    Also haven't downloaded Moto Racer, as everybody says it's impossible to control. Looks like it's got potential though.

    Aurora Feint is really cool with a nice interface. Good graphics as well.

    Morocco / Othello are both good if you like that game.

    Haven't had time to try much else...
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    free games I like so far would be: break = its fun & easy and well worth the price

    iPint has to be included....I still get a kick out of it when I 'play'.

    Tap Tap Revenge is sort of bleh, but since it is free it isn't so bad.

    Paid: I tried out the Bubble Bash and its great! I wasn't going to get it because I had problems with it on my mobile, but I figure that is due to big fingers/small keyboard. That combo really doesn't mix and it really isn't the game's problem. With iPhone though this game simply rocks!

    I still like Diamond Twister more but Bubble Bash is up there with it.

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    Wow...all the games people are posting are such simple little games.

    What about Brothers in Arms or Gangstar, those are hot 3rd person shooters!!!!

    I remember when Chrash Bandicoot and moto racer came out, they were like 10 bucks each, and those games are crap.

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