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Thread: Need help with organizing music, and creating ring tones.

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    Default Need help with organizing music, and creating ring tones.
    Hi guys, I have a pretty simple question that I can't seem to find the answer to, no matter how much I search.

    I'm on XP, and I want to be able to organize my music without itunes. I play music in my car through my iphone. Before that I was using MP3-DVD's. When I make a MP3-DVD, I simply go to my music library on my PC, and drag the folders I want on to my DVD, burn, and the folders show up in the order I dragged them. Is there anyway to archive this using my iphone? I don't want, or need every single song organized into all these category's, and playlists...I don't have a need for that, and I don't have the patients to be scrolling through thousands of songs to find what I'm looking for. I simply want to add my folder, then select the folder, and listen to the songs in that particular folder, then when, and if I get tired of that particular folder, I can simply delete it.

    I'm also trying to figure out what is the best way to create my own ring tones. I have seen many apps, and tried a few that didn't work well. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Playlists are essentially your folder that you speak of, sorry.

    As for the ringtones, do the following.

    Download Audacity.
    Drag your song into it and edit. Then export as WAV. Now, open iTunes and go to the 'importing' preferences. Change it to AAC, 128 or 192 bit, and then choose mono stereo. You only have one speaker on the iPhone, so it saves a lot of space and doesn't really change how it will sound. Now open the song in iTunes (WAV) and right click and convert to AAC. Once done, drag the newly created file somewhere you can access (or find where iTunes put the original) and simply rename it from .m4a to .m4r. Once done, you can put it in the iTunes ringtone folder and then sync with your iphone.

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    That was a very good summary kitsune, and thats exactly how i make all of my custom ringtones, the only thing i do different is just right click the newly converted ringtone(AAC) and click show in windows explore then rename the extension.

    If it doesnt show the extension then you have to go to into folder options and check the box that talks about showing extension. Good Luck!
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    on windows you can set itunes to maintain your music directory for you, putting albums into artist folders etc. it is great.

    to find an album in itunes, just click the 'albums' tab, then start typing the album name, the album comes up and you can view folder or drag into playlist.

    to make ringtones, just right click the song, get info, then change the timing to the time you want for your ringtone, then press ok, right click, convert to AAC, after done, right click and view folder, change extension to .m4r and open the file in itunes. it will now be a ringtone.

    to organise your music efficiently, buy a mac or use itunes to organise your music for you.
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