i've noticed some threads here and there but nothing really... problems with my categories.app. installed, had categories for a while.. i noticed apps i moved into folders were still on springboard. just ran like that for a while and i would just move the icons to farther screen page. i decided ididnt want categories anymore, removed all apps from within categories before i deleted the folders i created. all things i removed from categories folders( categories, installer, settinggs, boss prefs, springboard, basically most major apps were in one folder or another) was now missing from my apps. long story short, testing my phone with dif options so i didnt have to do a restore through i tunes, re-ziphoned jailbreak only to at least get installer app back.... i i had to reinstall categories in order to uninstall. after uninstall all my apps icon returned to my phone, EXCEPT my photos app.... any help or further advice is greatly appreciated