Hello all. I am a bit of a newbie at all of this as I just got my Iphone for Christmas. I have spent the past week or so making all the Mods I needed. I started making some custom ring tones and got them working just fine. However recently I have been noticing that the ring tones I have set up for certain contacts randomly change back to the default ring and then back to my custom tone. It is very bizarre. When I go in and check the settings it is always set to the custom tone. Has anyone seen this? Just some background info. I am running firmware 1.1.2. I created the ring tones by doing the following:

Open an MP3 in Audacity and cut out a 30 or so second clip
save the clip with a (7) character name
open the clip up with Itunes
convert the file to AAC
Find the converted file and change the file extension to MP4r
add the file to itunes as a ring tone
delete the clips listed in music
sync my phone

Any help would be greatly appreciated