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Thread: Is it still possible to get a G1 iPhone thru warranty?

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    Default Is it still possible to get a G1 iPhone thru warranty?
    I have a G1 iPhone and I wanna get another one thru Apple thanks to my dying battery. Is it still possible to get one with the discontinuation of the G1 iPhones? Also, can someone tell me how to fully bypass the warranty by fully restoring my iPhone? I have an unlocked iPhone but upgraded to 1.1.4 thru ZiPhone, although I know that the bootloader is possibly downgraded, how can I fully restore my iPhone?

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    restore with itunes and you should be fine.. And yes you can still get 1st gen iphone, they have plenty as long as phone is still under a year old you can get replacment
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    What about if I still updated my firmware thru ZiPhone? Doesn't it mess with my bootloader, thus triggering a red flag for Apple? Also, I heard that you have to verify that you're a Cingular customer. Any thoughts?

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    If your battery is dead, the phone dosent even turn on right?

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    if you used ziphone upgrade the bootloader and then restore using itunes. thats all i did and i got a brand new iphone in 3 days!

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    as long as its still in warranty your good. Do a dfu restore and make sure you activate through iTunes. Then make an appt with a genius. When you walk in, just say the phone keeps saying "repair needed" they will swap it out.

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