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Thread: If your screen breaks :(

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    Default If your screen breaks :(
    Apparently, for a 16 gig iPhone 3G, if you drop and and the glass protector over the screen cracks, it's $250 to fix.

    Don't drop it

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    Wow. That sucks.. almost as much as the phone O.o

    Thats weird though, cause the 8GB takes like $174 to make.. so the screen should be the same... so that one piece shouldnt be that much. I cant imagine how they charge you that much..

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    According to the guys at Tech Republic the 3g glass is seperate from the digitiser (unlike the old 2g version where it was bonded to it) so replacing a broken glass should be as easy as buying a glass off ebay for around $20 and then removing your old broken one and replacing it with the new one:-

    Cracking Open the Apple iPhone 3G | TechRepublic Photo Gallery

    Interestingly the 3g iphone battery is no longer soldered to the main board, so diy replacing this would also be alot simpler then the 2g version.
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    Appreciate that man. I'm going up to an Apple Store tomorrow to talk about my options. If they aren't any help, then i'll buy one off of eBay.

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    Let us know how it goes. My screen also cracked. My touchscreen still works though... I just need the glass replaced.

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    Buy a nice case next time, And dont drop your 300 dollar phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JedixJarf View Post
    Buy a nice case next time, And dont drop your 300 dollar phone.
    As the saying goes "**** happens"

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    I didn't drop it. Sadly the girlfriend did.

    Anyway, I drove to the Apple Store today and tried to pitch a story that the phone came with a microcrack in the screen, and that it has spread over the past few days.

    The guy just bluntly told me that he could tell the phone had been dropped and that they couldn't cover accidental damage.

    He then said, "but we're gonna do it anyway. If this happens again, you're on your own."

    And so now I have a brand new phone, which my girlfriend isn't allowed to touch.

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    I don't think you can get a new glassof eBay just yet for the 3g iPhone, And can someone correct this for me! In the video of them taking the 3g apart it look like it to me that the glass is paired with the part that it's connected with ???

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    I've heard lots of stories of friends breaking the glass. Gotta suck

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