so i searched through the forums for something like this, but im a bit of a noob here and quite impatient.

im running vista and i upgraded my firmwire from .4 (jailbroken + extensively modded) to 2.0. i ran into the whole 'applemobiledevice has stopped working' problem, but i got past that. then as soon as i upgraded the firmwire i got another message, saying something about sync center data not being able to be retrieved. this may or may not have been where the problem started. i cant remember if it was that message, or another one that came later, but one of these error mesages caused itunes to freeze up until i disconnected my iphone. i tried reinstalling itunes but it didnt work, and for one reason or another (i think someone on another forum recommended it) i deleted the USB controller for the iphone. it didnt work. so i uninstalled itunes, ran msconfig, put only windows installer on, reinstalled itunes and rebooted my laptop (also rec'd to someone else from another forum).

so all the error messages are gone now, but itunes wont recognize my phone. i think i need the usb controller back, but i dont really know what im doing.

so any help is appreciated