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Thread: Help with some iphone functions

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    Default Help with some iphone functions
    I am totally new to the iphone world ....

    I live in INDIA and not many people have an iphone here maybee 1 in a 10,000... so i am a total noob in this way

    I got an 1.1.4 Unlocked iphone and wanna know few things

    1) Does ifastswitch works for 1.1.4 ? the app crashes whn i try 2 start it.

    2) I wanna lock the photo gallery is it possible ? i remember someone doing that long back in a youtube video.

    3) Can i create categories for VIDEOS Movies,trailers etc etc ... ??

    4) I cannot play music using the speakers ... it used 2 play music from my ipod 60GB ... whn i mount my iphone on it ... it gets power through it but no sound ?? shud i get an extra cable for it which i can put into the iphone jack and to my speakers

    plz dnt flame me i am a total noob in iphone asking for help
    i have done lotta research but havnt found sufficient to ans my Qs

    THANX !!
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    1. press and hold any of the icons on the home screen and they'll start wiggling for you to rearrange them
    2. not sure what ifastswitch is
    3. lock the photo gallery as in protect it? as far as i know you can only password lock the entire device but not individual applications as i don't believe there is an installer app for that
    4. you can create categories/folders/albums for photos using your computer and then sync it via itunes that way but you can't create them on the phone. Don't believe categories are possible for videos in itunes
    5. refer to for a fix you can install via installer to fix the caller id issue

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    thanx 4 the info jtesnani it was really helpfull !!! ...

    hope the videos also had the same categories/folders feature as the photo album has ..

    and i hope the lock feature comes out soon

    EDITED !!

    thnx 4 the help .... i thought of editing it rather than putting up another POST cause i dnt like flodding FORUMS
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