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Thread: EDGE/GPRS only partially working.

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    Question EDGE/GPRS only partially working.
    I'm having a problem with EDGE/GPRS on my 16GB (1.1.4) iPhone, which I hope one of you could help me solve.

    The problem appears on my iPhone, but not on my friends who's using the same network, so I guess it's some hidden setting I've ruined.

    The problem is that the EDGE/GPRS is only partially working.
    I can see that I get an IP address through the EDGE/GPRS connection, and using a terminal I can ping both other IP addresses and host names, so I know for sure the connection is established and also that the DNS is working.

    However, Safari, Mail and any other program using a network connection does not work with the EDGE/GPRS connection.

    I've been trying to see if the routing table etc. is screwed, but to my eyes it all seems fine.

    I'm looking forward to hear your ideas on what might be wrong.

    Edit: I did try to reset all the network settings, but it didn't solve the EDGE/GPRS problem.
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    have the same problem

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    Since my initial question some days ago, a number of people have contacted me, telling they have exactly the same problem and that they would appreciate if I found a solution to have it posted here. Instead of writing back to everyone individually, I'll write this here;

    Unfortunately, I still haven't found a fix. Not on this site, nor on other sites, but many people seems to be affected.
    Right now I'm considering just to wait for 2.0 and hope the problem does not arise there, too.

    If any of you find a fix, please let me know, too.

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