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Thread: Proble with slide to unlock/slide to answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by kh0sa View Post
    same problem here.
    tap to unlock or the CIA version (fake fingerprint detector) works for me, although i much prefer slide because sometimes i answer calls at unwanted times when fondling the phone

    but if theres no solution then i guess its alright
    Are you on 1.1.4 or 2.0 firmware? I can't find the TelephonyUI.framework folder in the path described in the related posts.

    I've got the same problem ever since I updated to 2.0 firmware; never happened to me on 1.1.4 or before. After upgrading, subsequent 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 never solved the problem; downgrading back to 1.1.4 only made it worse (increased frequency). Hardware resets, reflashing and setting up as new phone, turning phone off every day, nothing helps. I'm currently placing my bets on the Insomnia solution... hope it works. I haven't been able to answer more than half my calls for the past month.

    Update: Insomnia doesn't work, either. Slider still unresponsive half of the time.
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    I Have the EXACT same problem as everyone. Frequency seems to be increasing after downgrade from 2.0.1 back to 1.1.4.!!

    initially thought that placing the phone near magnetic sources such as laptop, card reader etc would trigger it. Now its anytime!


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    Possible tentative solution:

    Use Insomnia from Installer and not Cydia. I'm on pwned 2.0.2 firmware, and the one from Cydia for some reason doesn't work, the Installer one works better.

    Reboot frequently, at least after connecting to computer or charging. After rebooting, remember to turn Insomnia on.

    I've been using this method today, and at least it's been much better for me. The slider is unresponsive for only about 1/10 of the time, whereas before it only worked half of the time, and almost never during incoming calls.

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    Default slide problem
    Ok lets see whats causing this so we may find an app to solve it.

    I've got a feeling its a corrupted Springboard. (though even after changing firmwares which should flash the software and install a new error-free springboard.)

    I wouldnt mind mt phone to autolock but just the screen to STAY on. Cause i believe that when the phone is locked it quickly goes into standby (black screen) but does not enable the touch screen when u press the home button or try to slide to answer a call. The phone still thinks its in black screen mode.

    Some attempts which works for a very short while:

    Using PowerTool 'Hard Respring' after the problem occurs.

    Is there any way to make keep the phone 'alive'(no standby/black screen) at the when it enters locked screen

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    Any update to the problem? I just bought a new 2g Iphone with 2.1 unlock and jailbroken and have the same problem. Sometime, the slide to unlock will not work after the Iphone goes to sleep overnight. Turning it on and off will solve the problem but I can't answer incoming call afer long sleep. It is the entire screen since double clicking the home button and bring up the ipod control, the ipod control won't respond to touch either.

    Also, once I am able to unlock by turning it off and on a couple of times, it will work perfectly the rest of the day. Even if it went to sleep after the one minute autolock that I had enable. Seems like it has a hard time waking up in the morning but it only happens once a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sureshot View Post
    Is there any way to make keep the phone 'alive'(no standby/black screen) at the when it enters locked screen
    Yes, it's called "Insomnia".

    I also am having the same problem-but on a *very* rare basis. When it happens though, it ticks me off

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    Well, i have this issue as well,

    for me "Slide to unlock" freeze. - i just double click the sleep/on button.

    for "Slide to Answer" freeze. - i installed " Call Controller from Cydia which allow you to answer call by shaking your iphone. My setting is left to right (0.3). if you set to up and down may be you got problem answering the call because when the ip is in your pocket, it will answer the call when you pick up your iphone.

    this is my temporary solutions...
    but i still hoping to some software can customize the home button to answer the call...

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    hey guys sry to revive a thread started over a year ago but i have the same prob as most of the ppl that have posted in this topic...

    tried a lot of things to fix but nothing has worked...gone from 1.1.3/1.1.4 when it started, all the way to 3.0..

    none of the new firmwares have fixed it...i've even downgraded back to 1.1.1 and also downgrade the BB to 04.04.05_G with no luck... im back at 3.0 now and was just wonder if anyone has had any luck solving this problem? is this indeed a software issue or, perhaps a hardware? (digitizer) can anyone confirm one or the other??

    thanks again guys

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    Default Intermitten digitizer problem
    I have been living with this intermitten problem for over a year. Sometime I go 3-4 days without the slide to unlock problem. Other time, it just refuse to wake up for about 15 minutes until the Iphone(2G) has a chance to warm up. This problem usually occurs only in the morning or after more than an hour of not messing with the phone. Turning it off and on usually fix it quickly, other time, it takes 6 to 7 tap of power or home button in totally random sequence to make it work.

    I thought this is a software issue but after one year of hacking and upgrading the iphone(now on 3.12), the problem will still appear intermittently. So now I'm sure it is the digitizer. I just can't explain why once I get it to unlock, it works fine usually the rest of the day. No sensitivity problem on anything. Now I got a 3G, this phone is just a backup. I am 90% convinced that it is a digitizer. I just can't explain why it works perfectly most of the time.

    Now I can't repeat the problem that I had this morning. It works perfectly fine now and it did not want to slide to unlock this morning.

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