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Thread: iPhone 3G (32GB) - When??

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    Default iPhone 3G (32GB) - When??
    Well guys I have had my 8GB 2G iPhone since early October of 2007 (roughly 9.5 months) and from what I have heard the 3G is not overly impressive in terms of its dominance over the 2G phone.

    With that being, I am not willing to spend the money on the new phone and the money on an upgraded AT&T plan until something comes along that is really worthy of me doing so.

    One thing that I would consider "worthy of an upgrade" for me personally would be more space (a lot more space). With all of the iPhone insiders here on the forums I am asking if you guys know of or have heard of when the 32GB iPhone 3G will be in stores??

    Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me out!

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    Apple is one of the tightest lipped companies about upcoming products and features.

    I'm in the same boat with my 2g 8gig. Not really enough features to upgrade now, but a 32 gig iPhone would definitely put me waiting in the lines.

    Next big 'regular' announcement opportunity for Apple is MacWorld 2009 in January, that is, unless they don't do something special for the 2008 holidays.

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    Id expect it when apple starts buying up 32gig flash chips. As the iPhone only has enough room inside for one chip. The touch doesnt have a cell antenna so it has two slots. Thus why we have a 32gig touch and only a 16 gig iPhone

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    Yeah I think there are plenty of people stuck in the same boat, waiting for the next double-up (or more) in storage capacity.

    That is good information, I had no idea that Apple has not started purchasing 32 GB chips, hopefully they will begin doing so very soon as I don't know how long I can go without a great looking white iPhone

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