I was entering contact information when my iPhone (1.0.2 unlocked, upgraded to 1.1.2) froze. When it recovered, I was bumped back to the Home page, which showed a missed call on the Phone icon. I assume that a call was incoming as I was entering the contact info, but I had the ringer turned down, and was not presented with a call dialog.

When I select the Phone icon and get to that page, the Recents icon shows one missed call, but when I touch that icon I am bumped back to the Home page. All other icons work on the Phone page, such as Contacts, Favorites, etc., but not the Recents icon. Every time I try it I get bumped back to the Home page.

Does anyone know if there is a particular file I could look for with Cyberduck, or does anyone have any idea if my system is hosed? Thanks for any help!