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Thread: SMS Problem

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    Exclamation SMS Problem

    ive never posted on the forum b4 but i use the forums all the time to read to solve problems i may have with the iphone

    so yesterday 11pm 31st dec 2007
    i was txting the useual happy new year msg to people useing
    so i could compose the msgs and send em when i were ready (saveing as a template) i pressed send - all went fine - msg poped up sent successfully
    so i had another msg to a loved one that was sorta longish not too long for a text tho

    went into the template ide saved pressed send and send again(thoes not too fermilliar with the app - you have to press send x2 1st time bring up possable send actions)

    so i choose to send the msg and it poped up - cant send msg - i instantly thurt i have no space left so i went back into the native sms app cleared some history and msgs from people and poped back into the to send the msg again - nope nothing still well i god so fed up of trying to send this msg i deleted it and typed it on my friends phone to send and sent it from there so i knew they whould get the msg in tme for the new year celebrations

    so ive tryed numerious times this morning txting the loved one again - still nothing comes up error sending msg (from the native app not the as i uninstalled it thinking it was paying up

    i can txt anyone on the phone just not the loved one -
    what am i to do - its slowly ruinening my life - ha ha ha (dramatic eh) - its a right inconvenience

    so ive tryed SSH'ing into the phone to see if the was makeing it fault but as its uninstalled theres no app folder to delete to try and fix it

    ive aldo read about the sms center number being weird so ive done the thing to set the centre number to the defult operator one (found the number from googleing it for my operator)

    ive done a reset (a zillions times) and ive resorted to deleteing everything off the phone (erase all data from the settings menu) to try and fix it and synced it back up to try it again - sadly still nothing -

    the only thing i can think to do its firmware reset! -- with little knowledge of how (i could if i wanted too tho with a little research)

    a little bit about the phone
    - its an iphone v1.1.1 - upgraded myself wth a guide found on here (ages ago) so its not like its recent upgrade fault

    im just lost i dont know what to do now -

    any help or ideas whould be greatly appreciated

    at this moment in time im blameing! as this is where it all started!

    also : happy new year to all who read this i apreciate you reading it and all the best for 2008


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    Default An Idea

    I am the author of SMSD. I have never noticed such a behavior and strongly feel that nothing is wrong with SMSD. Can you try your sim in a different phone and see if you can send SMS? or try a different sim in you iPhone?

    Happy new year to you.


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    Hold on, if I read this correctly, you're only having a problem sending to one person? (i can txt anyone on the phone just not the loved one)

    Is everything ok with their contact info?
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    i am having a sms sending problem as well on tmobile USA, i put my sim in another phone works fine data, text, phone, ect. I am using 1.1.2 with turbo sim was working fine up to a week ago. did a reset reflashed, rejailbroken tried everything, did the sms center reset still no sending sms, just can recieve with iphone but other phones i have are perfect. WTF?

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