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Thread: The Truth about 2.0 upgrade

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    Exclamation The Truth about 2.0 upgrade
    Okay, so every day I come here and see another post (or 2 or 3) about the latest news on pwnage for the 2.0 firmware upgrade. On top of that I see tons of posts about how you SHOULDN'T upgrade to 2.0 because of this or that - can't unlock - installer apps won't work anyway - etc. etc.

    I'm on AT&T, and I only use a few apps from installer (some safari mods, pocketmoney & uXM) - so what am I really missing if I upgrade now?
    I know I won't get to pwn my iPhone right now, and even when I can I know that I won't get installer right away (although Cydia works?) with working apps, but am I really committing iPhone suicide to go ahead with the upgrade? Has anyone been satisfied with the upgrade? Has anyone been unsatisfied and DOWNGRADED back to 1.1.4 just to get their apps back?

    What's the truth about the situation right now? Do I really have to wait for pwnage? Will I be truly f***'d?

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    You wont be screwed. You just wont be jailbroken for now. Im sure the tools to do so are not far off. I bought a new 3g, I also upgraded my first-gen to 2.0 and im ok waiting for now.

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    Think about it: iPhone firmware 2.0 has provided the something that we (jailbroken iphones) already have: Applications.

    If you have ATT, upgrade to 2.0, as it is the best firmware out there right now.

    No, your not commiting iPhone suicide; you will be able to explore the wonderful lump of "Apple" approved Applications (around 500, 134 free) before those who have an iPhone with a different provider. (Personally me with T-Mobile)

    Pwnage will be released soon, with Cydia working great (according to Dev Team), and then you can relax and become intertwined with both: Cydia and App Store.

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    2.0 will sometimes make my phone lag and I've had a couple of sudden restarts but I must admit some of these app are badass! And others have been enhanced compared to their installed releases

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    If you dont use much Installer apps, you'll probably be okay to update. If you're dependent on some apps, just wait it out a week or so.

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    the only thing holding me back from 2.0 is video recorder for iphone when and if i get a person saying it works on 2.0 ill move to it for now im cool i guess

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    Help. Please tell me how to upgrade from unlocked 1.1.2 to 2.0. Or for that matter 1.1.4. I will take anything. I can't open youtube and itunes wont sync anymore. IDK y...

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    i recently upgraded my 1.1.4 1st gen iphone and now im completely scrwed i tried so many programes and nothin works i get call and all but i my screen only shows the connect to itunes sign i've use ziphone, then iplus, i liberty and all of them freeze after they put the fone on recovery mode... im running out of options plz help me!!!
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    look at the top of the page. the first thing jailbreaking/ unlocking.

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    Smile my 2 cents
    i just got a used iphone unlocked pwnage 2.0, and everything works, except a few minor problems. every once in a while, a few of my apps dont load, and i have to delete, and re-install them. but if paid for one, it recognizes it and lets me download it again for free. a little bit of a hassle, but not much. and also, even less frequently, my phone automatically restarts, hardely ever though. other than that, its been great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexela112004 View Post
    Think about it: iPhone firmware 2.0 has provided the something that we (jailbroken iphones) already have: Applications.
    Yes, but applications that won't run on 1.1.4, and some amazing applications at that. If you think about it further, 1.1.4 programs will be updated to 2.0, but 2.0 applications cannot be made to run on 1.1.4
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