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Thread: After I activate my iPhone 3G...

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    Default After I activate my iPhone 3G...

    Well I just got on AT&T's waiting list for my new iPhone 3G. 7-10 day wait, but I guess I can wait for it. Anyway, right now, I want to keep my current iPhone on 1.1.4 so I can play some apps that havent/wont be accepted into App Store. So I was thinking this whole thing through and I have a question. When I get my iPhone 3G, that will activate that one so the other one should just turn into an iPod Touch. No biggie because that is what I was aiming for anyway. Now my question is, once I sell my 1st Gen iPhone to my friend, I will upgrade it to 2.0 because they arent too tech savvy, but how will I get around the activation process? I know after a restore/upgrade, you need to check the activation, so would I have to to upgrade/restore and then once it gets stuck on activation, use an iLiberty like program to make it work again? And thinking a bit more, they might be using TMobile anyway, not sure though, but if they used TMobile I could just restore to 2.0, then unlock/jailbreak/activate right? Thanks

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    Personally, I would wait till cash in hand and upgrade to 2.0 with them, then just let them activate it either as a new AT&T customer, or if they have AT&T already they can throw their simcard in before the upgrade then activate with their sim.....Or, if they AREN'T planning on using AT&T, do just what you said, upgrade/jailbreak/unlock.

    Either way, shouldnt be to much trouble. I just bought the 3G and the apple store activated it (obviously) and actually switched my line to the new sim that was supplied with the phone.

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