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Thread: Help me prepare for my Apple Store Concierge Visit

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    Default Help me prepare for my Apple Store Concierge Visit
    Hey guys, Alright, I have three things I would like fixed at the Apple store. I am currently under warranty for my 1G iPhone until August.

    The first two problems should(?) be easy to fix...

    1. The iPod xfer cable is ripping.. can they simply replace this?

    2. My left earbud buzzes on low bass notes. This also happened with my previous pair right when I got my phone and they replaced it easily.

    The third thing is kind of more complicated. I know some other people have had this problem: My home button sometimes malfunctions. Sometimes it is not recognized as being pressed and other times when I press it once it activates as pressed twice.

    The thing is, it doesn't happen very frequently, so I just KNOW that it will not be problematic when I'm trying to show the Apple rep. Should this be a problem?

    What will the procedure likely be for the 3rd problem of mine? Will they take the phone and ship it in? Give me a new (Refurbished, I'm assuming) phone on the spot? Or a 3G? lol


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    If it's at an Apple store and is like my own, as long as there is no noticeable modifications to the phone and you can replicate the issue, then as long as they have replacement stock, they will exchange it on the spot. I went through three iphones before my fourth one worked perfectly.

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    my home button does not work anymore, what can i do.... please help....

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    take it to the apple store............... unless you wanna fix it yourself

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    i just made a reservation to an appstore here in newyork in 14th street, gonna return my 3G because its getting a yellowing in the bottom of the screen...but thats it, im wndering if i should erase everything so it wont turn on to get a new one? anyone?

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    Well if the screen is 'yellow' at the bottom, as long as you didn't drop it in pee, you should receive a new unit. I called apple support for my dead pixel, and they overnighted a new replacement to me, and had me ship the defective unit back in the same box. But are you on AT&T? If not, then I don't know...

    EDIT: DO erase everything though. Just backup in iTunes, write down your JB apps/mods and erase to factory settings. It'll cover your butt some.
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