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Thread: What to say to O2? :| I'm in a bit of trouble..

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    Default What to say to O2? :| I'm in a bit of trouble..
    Well, my first gen iPhone has no battery, and it will not charge, connect to my computer, or turn on.

    I bought it from O2, but it is unlocked & Jailbroken.. >.<
    I feel that taking it to O2 is my only option and request that they have it fixed.. But what should I say to them? Or what else can I do?

    Thanks for any help

    Oh, and I never activated it properly :/ so I'm not actually with o2..
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    take it back to apple instead have it repaired under warranty

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    but am i still under warranty considering I've unlocked it and jailbroken it?

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    If it won't charge or connect, Apple will probably just give you a new one. I recently had to take my son's iPod Classic back to Apple. I realize it wans't "hacked", but my son admits to dropping it and after that it wasnt syncing more than 1 gb. It had a fairly noticable dent on the back as well. It apparently had a faulty hard drive according to my diagnostics. I went into the Genius Bar and explained what was wrong (did not mention it being dropped) and all I did to get it working. It showed I did my homework and was knowledgable. WHile the "genius" was looking it over, a guy asks the genius next to us if he could "teach him how to get his Macbook to wake on LAN with the cover closed.". The Genius tells him that feature is not suppored in the firmware. The man gets a bit huffy and wants to knwo if there was a tweak or something to do that. I had all I could do to kepp from laughing. I look over and tell the guy that is somehting is not supported in firmware it is just not do-able, sort of like trying to get a rear wheel drive car to run 4 wheel drive with the same equipment. My Genius just smiled at me an I saw him notice the dent on the back of the iPod. He sort of flips it over in his hand and tells me he was just going to give me a new iPod as this was broken and still under warranty.

    My gut feeling is that these guys deal with so many noobish questions more on how to use the devices he was pleased to deal with someone who knew what they were talking about.

    I'd take it to Apple and go for it.

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    Nice thats great :lol:

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    So what do you think a smart story would be, to tell apple? :/
    I have a 1st Gen iPhone, so they can't exactly replace it..
    But i want to sound like I know what I'm talking about when I take it there
    Any help?

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    if you take it to apple, they will say that you havent activated it, so as you dont have a legit contract theres nothing they can do.

    dont take that, they have to provide you with a years warranty for hardware defects, which this seems to be.

    dont take no for an answer, and make up some answer that you bought it for a friend who lives far away, he couldnt get it to work and sent it back to you but was like months ago.

    if you make enough of an effort they should give you a new one.

    just dont take no for an answer, they will do all they can NOT to give you another phone, but 12 months for hardware remember.
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