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Thread: 2 iphone problems

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    Default 2 iphone problems
    I looked around and couldnt find any help with these problems so i figured id ask here =)

    Well my first problem is my camera. I go to camera and it tells me to delete some existing i go to my photos and there are none.

    My second is it randomly asks for my voicemail password and the visual voicemail doesnt work. I didnt even know I had a voicemail password....

    My firmware is 1.1.2. I have downgraded before but i upgraded again since I couldnt get the whole mod thing to work correctly.

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    I'm not sure about your first problem with the camera, hopefully someone can give you an answer.

    Visual voicemail doesn't work unless you under AT&T. Your voicemail password is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number. If that's not it, you can get it reset to the last four digits of your phone number by entering in an incorrect password. The machine should then tell you to hang up and dial a number to get your password reset.


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    thank you for the reply =)

    Im with AT&T. I tried that as the password but it keeps saying that theres an error and the old password is incorrect

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    did u jailbrake ur iphone? cuz maybe when u did it, something went wrong...
    restore it... (just if u have no other way) but keep looking...
    If i help u n some way give me a tnks!!
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    i did jailbreak m iphone at one point in time but i have restored it multiple times and i just did it last night too and still no luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRaz0r View Post
    thank you for the reply =)

    Im with AT&T. I tried that as the password but it keeps saying that theres an error and the old password is incorrect
    when it says the password is incorrect, it doesn't tell you have to reset or recover your password afterwards?

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    nope i just hit ok and then its over. But the voicemail part isn't that big of a deal, I'm more worried about the camera

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    I would suggest this: When you restore the iPhone, set it up as a NEW iphone. This will cause iTunes NOT to sync back any of your contacts, calendar events, etc. But it should solve the issue. Also, is your iPhone an OOTB 1.1.2? If not is it a 4 or 8GB? Also, how much free space do you have? How many apps do you have installed?
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    well i dont know how much disk space it has, but i will try that restore. it is not jailbroken but i think it has some files on it that i stuck on there before when i tried to jailbrake, unless those got deleted during the restore?

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    did you ever get a solution for the camera, I am in Thailand and have a 1.1.4 8 gig
    and jailbreak and activated with ziphone, did hours of google searches on this and feel weak already when they send me to links that have no answers?
    so being confused and weak and old and tired, i hope someone that cares can come up with a solution because some of the people I ask what to do,say they don't care it doesn't happen on their phone. I bought this phone here in Bangkok, thanks for anyone that can fix this. I do not have pics on camera and I have restored and did everything as mentioned it worked fine til a few days ago. Not many apps. and keeping it simple. I have many gigs left and it says delete photos? ok that covers anything and everything I hope. bye

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