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Thread: iPhone 3G speeds (post yours)

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    Default iPhone 3G speeds (post yours)
    From Iphone Speed Test Home what are your speeds?

    Original iPhone
    Edge 177.1
    Wifi 844.5

    New 3G iPhone
    3G 487.5
    Edge 187.2
    Wifi 944.8

    San Diego, CA

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    i got on 3g 1.27mbps 1267kbps

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    I got

    Wi-fi = 695.8kbps
    3g = 552.2kbps
    GPRS = 163.3kbps

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    To be honest there are no accurate speed test for phones. is the most accurate though.

    Its pretty much the same as the computer test but its pretty accurate. You can select the size of the file to download

    I chose a 6 megabyte file, my stats were

    1050kbps or 1.1Mbps (123kB/s)

    Took 47.994 seconds to complete

    Upload: 309kbps or .3Mbps(38kB/s)

    took 79.272 seconds to upload a 2992kB file

    On dsl reports I get:

    Wifi: phone - 2891 kbps This was close to the speed my computer sent data to the iphone through winSCP, so I think even if we get 3G speeds of 7.2 megabits through ATT, we will probably be hardware limited to under 4500 kbps. Then again, it could just be my connection today. I will try again later tonight.

    My computer gets 6591 kbps where as on a university speed test from UC santa cruz, which is more accurate I get 10481 kbps, which closely matches my download speed through azureus which is about 1.2 megabytes a second. So, DSLreports is not that accurate for wifi connected computers and other devices I'm thinking or maybe my brother was on, but i'm pretty sure its a bit of both.

    3G: phone 1124 kbps. I also hit 1234 kbps at westwood village, CA

    Inetwork Test for iphone: 3G: 503.7 kbps Wifi: 764.4 kbps which is completely inaccurate so i would never even use this site again. The wifi is way under as well, so I'm not even going to use this.
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