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Thread: to buy or not to buy that is the question

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    Default to buy or not to buy that is the question
    Firstly, I know that no one can answer my question at the moment but some opinions and advice would be much appreciated.

    I want a iphone! I am in the UK and was very close to buying one to jailbreak the other day, then I though I would wait till after macworld in case they bumped the memory up to 16gb or even something better.

    Now I'm not a patient man and I am suddenly concerned that they will release 1.1.3 after macworld and this may not immediately (if ever) be possible to jailbreak.

    So do I a) buy now and simply jail break 1.1.2 but maybe end up with less ram, or b) take a risk and wait for the upgraded phones and 1.1.3

    Advice please :-)

    P.S. I am in the UK, and will be using an O2 pay as you go sim, so no need to unlock, just jailbreak and activate.

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    i bought a iphone on boxing day i think and i too jailbroke it straight out the box to use my O2 sim ( i aint paying no 18 month contract ) lol mine was 1.1.2, to be honest i dont see the big fuss with the soon to be new firmware 1.1.3 yeah it looks like its got some cool google map add ons and that but i can wait for them to crack that.. we might be only a few days or weeks behind the people who have genuine unhacked iphones but were not bound too a 35 quid a month contract are we lol.

    id say go for it mate, there awesome bits of kit you will not be dissapointed.

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    I would do it, and if you are not happy you can always sell it and make money on it.

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    why dont you buy one now.. DONT OPEN IT and if at macworld they release a new one.. then return the UNOPENED iphone and wait for the other one but chances are the new one isnt coming out till summer 08
    If i helped hit Thanks!

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