Hey all. Just thought I'd throw out something that i found out today after calling at&t to ***** at them. So after waiting on line for 4 hours last night to get my new iPhone I get it home and try to start texting friends. Lo and behold, 15 minutes later and my friends finally get their texts. Then another 15 minutes and I get their replies.

Absolute BS in my opinion.

To resolve the problem, this morning I called up at&t to scream at them and after talking to the customer service rep for a few minutes she asks me for my phone number, looks up my account, and she says she can help. She said she gave my phone a little "push". She had no idea what this meant from her end but her computer told her my phone needed it and so she clicked whatever magic button over there and told me to turn off my phone for a few minutes. After getting off the phone with her I did so and 10 minutes later after rebooting voila! Texting works perfectly.

Moral of the story is. For those having texting issues, call at&t and tell them to look at your account and see if they can give your phone a "push" or maybe a "nudge" or something. They should be able to help

Hope it helps