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Thread: Broken in less than a day.

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    Angry Broken in less than a day.
    So like many many others, I waited in line at the AT&T store, got the new phone, and it was glorious, until I went home to try to activate it, and it all slid down hill from there.

    So everyone knows about the activation part, so we can skip that. Once I finally got it working, through normal use I put the phone on silent, and notice how extremely hard you had to push it. Considering the ease of the other one I figured when a I get a chance in the week, I'll go back and talk to them about it. So today when I was at work I "tried" to put it on silent, and the freaking switch broke!

    So I called AT&T, they said nothing they can do, go to Apple Store or call them. I called them since I was at work and the Apple store is about a 40 minute drive. Although I prolly could've have driven in the time it took the first rep to answer. So when I finally get the lady, she was nice, and surprised that it had broken already. I asked her if they would ship me a new one, and that I would just send this back, and she yes. Then I asked to be sure if it was the 3g again she said yes.

    So I get the service email and notice that it's the old iPhone's serial. I call back (40ish minutes wait) and talk to this guy who said all he needed after I gave the request# was the correct serial number and he would correct it. So he ends up calling me back after words to confirm my address, which I gave, he cancels the previous request and then he goes through his script and something caught me to ask that if he was sending a new phone, he says no. I told him I need the phone and what the previous lady had told me, he said he can't see what she wrote in her notes and they would send a phone, but I would have to pay 29.99. I told him that's unacceptable, it's a brand new phone, it's obviouly defective, and that they need to waive the fee. Then he says that he has to called someone else and it's going to take 30 mins, and that I have to wait on hold with him so he could check with them. I was upset, but I said fine, so after 30 minutes he comes back and says they won't waive the fee. I told him that was unacceptable, and that I wanted to speak to a manager, he said he would have to transfer back to the department because they are the "managers", but it would be 30 minutes. I told him that was unacceptable and hung up.

    So after that little spill I get an email, with this guys service request, he put the right serial number, just the wrong address. Seriously, I've done more than my fair share of call center work, and stuff like this, there is no excuse.

    So I'd figure I'd bite the bullet, and go to the Apple store. As far as that part goes, everyone was GREAT! Very helpful, one of the managers said we'll replace it no prob and they did. Only thing was I had black, but they were out, so they gave me white. I was cool with that, and then they even gave me a case for it. So finally I get home, while I'm syncing it, I notice the upper left corner is extremely bright. So now at this point I have to take this one back. So now I'm really seeing the difference it quality of the 3G vs. the first iPhone.

    So there's my story, I though some people might be interested, by the way, if anyone knows any solutions for the brightness in the corner your help would be appreciated. I've already tried turning the brightness up and it was still brigter than everything else.

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    his switch broke also.. uh oh. I see a pattern.

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    There is going to be alot of issues with this phone in the beginning but it well work it self out i hope!

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    I went through 3 of the 1st gen iphones. All defects, and i waited 6 months after they came out to get my 1st one. I went to the apple store every time something was wrong and both times they gave me a brand new one right away. No payment, no waiting nothing. So i guess every now and again they come out with a bad batch.

    Im happy i didnt have to go through the run around like this guy did. It seems it is more efficient to just talk to them in person (my apple store is about 40 min away also).

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