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Thread: Strippers, mushrooms, and a shaved Border Collie

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    Default Strippers, mushrooms, and a shaved Border Collie
    This was my experience at the AT&T store this morning, lol.... more on that later.

    I have a few random questions that I need some help with:

    1. I run a website and have an e-mail account with it (as well as G-Mail account which I have been forwarding all the e-mail to, I want to stop doing the forwarding and use it directly.) and I have been trying to see if I can get my website e-mail synced up with the 3G iPhone. Right now I am using the webmail app from the website through Safari (on the Phone). I can use the account in outlook and thunderbird as well. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know where I can find information on it? I tried the Apple Store, AT&T Store, and searched the forums here but cant find anything or anyone to assist.

    2. The company I work for cant help me with getting my corporate e-mail up and running on the 3G either. Same story with the Apple and AT&T stores, they dont know how to get that up and running on the phone. Anyone have an idea where I can start looking for some assistance with that as well? It works with outlook from the company computer, do I just copy the settings from there or does it have something to do with VPN? Also, what (in laymans terms) is the VPN thing? And why would I need a "Business Data plan" for company e-mail?

    3. Since AT&T has deemed that the 200 free SMS messages from my old contract will now cost me $5 I told them to go pack sand since I dont text more than 3 or 4 times a month. I asked the AT&T rep at the store if there was a way to block all incoming SMS so that I don't get charged for them. He said there was but didn't know how to do it. Anyone got any ideas? Or does anyone know if I will be charged for receiving, but not sending SMS messages?

    4. I have tried several times to get my voicemail working but for some reason it wont. I set the password and did the custom answer but every time I try to save it I am told that voicemail is unavailable. Is anyone else having this problem? This is another question I had for the AT&T store, but was just told to keep trying.

    *****Edit: nevermind on the voicemail, after about 3 hours of saving it finally took and works now. ******

    Finally on to the good stuff:

    Friday I went to the AT&T store to upgrade from my old iPhone to the 3G. I got there about 8 AM (store opened at 8AM) and was about the 30th person in line... not too bad. I had to leave and go to work at 9:30 AM, I moved 5 feet in the hour and a half that I was there and only 3 people came out of the store in that whole time with phones.

    I came back later that day to see if by chance they had any phones available but was unsuccessful. After talking to the sales rep they told me that I could pre order one and it would be delivered in about 7 - 10 days, so I ordered a black 16 gig. On the way out I passed the security guard that remembered me from earlier in the day and he told me that they just got another shipment in which would be available for sale Saturday morning (first come first served).... so I went back inside to ask about this and was told that they didnt know anything about it. I noticed directly behind the sales rep the cart with the still boxed phones on it. When I pointed this out the manager quickly pushed the cart into the storage room and came back out to tell me that they would know the next morning if they did in fact have any new phones for sale... wierd.

    So this morning I got to the store at about 6 AM and was 3rd in line. One of the reps finally came out around 8 AM to do the whole pre sales sheet (what are you here for, what plan etc...) and announced to everyone that they only had 10 of the black 8 gig phones.... lots of very upset people. Some people left most stayed, including myself.

    I started talking with the guy in line behind me and he told me that he wanted a black 8 gig model but when he finally got into the store yesterday all the had was the white 16 gig, and was having problems trying to get it activated so he was returning to the store for help. I told him that I wanted the 16 gig version, but they only had the 8. Long story short, I bought the 8 and gave it to that guy and he gave me his 16 gig. We both walked out of the store with what we wanted and it turned out to be a pretty good day. Especially when I got a 16 gig for the price of the 8!!!

    One of the people in line yesterday was a stripper (still in what looked to be a PG-13 version of her work attire, Im guessing she was going for the dirty nurse look) and she had her dog with her that just got out of the vets office. The dog was completely shaved, head to toe, with one of those large plastic collars. Caught everyone completely off guard. It wouldnt have been that funny except for the fact that she kept asking everyone if they had any mushrooms. I swear sometimes it feels like Im in the Twilight Zone.

    PS: Sorry if I put the post in the wrong area, I didnt quite know where to put it with all the questions and comments I had.

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    1. does your website's email support imap or pop3? if so, you would need to manually set it up in the mail settings. you can do this by setting the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server, as well as your username and password. all of these settings will be the same as they are in thunderbird or outlook.
    2. your company probably has an exchange server. if they have enabled IMAP on the exchange server you can set it up that way, otherwise it gets more complicated. if the exchange server does not require you to be on the VPN (virtual private network), you can just click the exchange acct when you setup a new mail acct in the mail app and enter in everything accordingly (you'll need your username and the domain, your password, and the exchange server address). otherwise you'll need to configure your phone to use the VPN which sadly I have had little success with
    3. i think you can call customer service and they should block SMS. otherwise you get charged for incoming as well as outgoing

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    My website supports both POP3 and IMAP here is what the CPanel says for the e-mail config:

    Mail Client Configuration for [email protected]

    When accessing an email account through a desktop email application such as Outlook Express®, the email application will require specific information about that email account. You can use the auto-configure options below to attempt to automatically configure your email application. If the available options are not compatible with your application, you will need to use the Manual Settings information to configure the application.

    Note: IMAP email access coordinates between the server and you mail application. Messages that have been read/deleted/replied-to will show as read/deleted/replied-to both on the server and in the mail application. POP3 does not coordinate with the server. Messages marked as read/deleted/replied-to in the mail application will not show as read/deleted/replied-to on the server. This means that future downloads of your inbox or other mailboxes with POP3 will show all messages as unread.
    Please select an application:
    Auto-Configure Microsoft Outlook 2000® for IMAP Access
    Auto-Configure Microsoft Outlook 2000® for POP3 Access
    Auto-Configure Microsoft Outlook Express® for IMAP Access
    Auto-Configure Microsoft Outlook Express® for POP3 Access
    Auto-Configure Mac® for IMAP Access

    * Mac Mail IMAP Note: The "IMAP Path Prefix" needs to be set to INBOX otherwise will not be able to store deleted, draft or sent mail on the server. click for more info

    Manual Settings
    Mail Server Username:
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 2525
    Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, IMAP
    Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)

    I entered the information into the iPhone as follows:

    outgoing server:
    username: [email protected]
    password: ************

    incoming server:
    username: [email protected]
    password: ************

    my website says that I need to use port 2525, but on the phone there isnt an option for this. I know you know this, but just for edification: all the places where I put "yourname" and "yourwebsite" are my username and domain name. When setting up the new account I went to the "other" option for setting up a new account. I also tried it from the "Exchange" option just to see what it would do. No joy on either option.

    Lastly I called customer service to block all incoming SMS messages except for those from AT&T, the lady couldn't believe I was doing it. She asked me why I was "crippling" such an amazing device? I said that I have access to a phone AND e-mail all from the same device, why would I need to text anyone when I could just talk to them or send an e-mail. Not only that but the price for my plan just went up $10 a month just for the data and I lost my 200 free text's when I upgraded. I told her that if she could give me back my 200 free text and change my monthly bill back to where it was I would gladly remove the SMS block. No joy there either, lol.

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    hmm....can't say that I see a place to change the outgoing mail server port. I'm sure there's a way to do it though....I'll let you know if I find anything...

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    much appreciated, I am going to call apple support and will update this when I find out something

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