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Thread: question for hackers/devs

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    Default question for hackers/devs new way to put apps on phone
    i had a question, when you delete an app through itunes it ends up in your trash as "name.ipa" instead of jailbreaking, hacking, and doing all this crazy stuff to your phone and breaking your waranty, could there be away to have 3rd party apps somehow be recognized by itunes as a .ipa and put them right on your phone. i know nothing about hacking an all that so this idea could be impossible as far as i know but i was just curious
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    Well. A .ipa is really a zip file with a fancy extension. Go for it... right click on the file, hit get info then rename it from AppName.ipa to . Then, unzip the folder, and voila, a payload (where the .app file is located) the artwork for the .app, and the .plist for DRM permissions ect.

    Your theory is good, we should be able to package "homemade jailbreak apps" as .ipa's simply by compressing and renaming it to .ipa, however, iTunes refuses to accept any .ipa that doesn't meet every requirement. This is where the whole thing gets over my head... if you change anything in the .plist of even an AppStore app, iTunes will refuse to take the App into iTunes so it can be put on the phone.

    If we had a way to edit the .plist without iTunes somehow knowing, we would be able to do this (AND MUCH MORE).
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    Or think about it in reverse order... When you change .ipa file to .zip, then extract it, you have the .app - Then, couldn't someone give this .app to their friend, for them to ssh it onto their phone (when 2.0 is jailbroken)??? Or is this .app file protected, somewhat?

    It's illegal and it will hurt the developers. But I guess that's the case with all software.

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    well. Again, another good theory.

    Theoretically speaking of course. This should work.
    It is a .app, and AFAIK, Apple doesn't have a way of setting DRM on the actual .app, just the .ipa.

    We see people taking appstore apps, ssh-ing the .app into their jailbroken 1.1.4 (or lower) iPhones, and being able to see the icon on springboard, but not run the app.
    This is good or bad. Good, we see the icon, and it could work once 2.0 is jailbroken. The reason we see the app crashing is because of the different frameworks, codes, etc. that pre-2.0 phone's don't have.

    So, IMHO, I believe that in the initial jailbreak for 2.0 (HOPEFULLY TO BE HERE SOON!), we will see this be able to happen. Where we can unzip and ssh it in, and have the app working. However, the AppStore and developers WILL FAIL if this happens and Apple will hop on it immediately to fix the loophole the hackers found. Then we're back to square one of the the cat and mouse games just like in the old prehistoric days of jailbreaking via terminal.

    We need to keep in mind that while iPhone 1st generation is still 1st generation, technically speaking, 1 gen or 2nd gen users, no matter which. We are all on different phones. We all have to start over. The 2.0 Update wipes all 1.x traces from your phone and installs 2.0 as if it were out of the box 2.0. I think Apple chose not to call iPhone 3g
    the iPhone 2 because, well, we ALL have iPhone 2. iPhone 1 is gone forever(ish).

    Well forgive my going completely off topic, but it does help explain a bit.

    Oh, and incase you decided to skip all that, to sum it up:

    We don't know yet, we won't know until 2.0 jaibreak is in our computers...but.. Theoretically speaking, I see no reason why the .app ripped from the .ipa can't be ssh'ed in a jailbroken 2.0 and run without DRM. The only possible thing I could see is the Phone itself requiring some sort of signature to run the app, but I don't think the phone requires that because then wouldn't be working in 2.0 Jailbreak as we have seen in the videos..

    Basically... cross you're fingers, we're sure in a for a bumpy ride.
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    it would BE great if this could work apps like swirlymms and video camera and changing backgrounds and themes could all be oin without breaking the warranty

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