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Thread: My Miserable Day with AT&T and Apple. Please read / comment im so unhappy

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    Default My Miserable Day with AT&T and Apple. Please read / comment im so unhappy
    Big iPhone fan going into this. Ill try and be brief.

    7:30am: Outside AT&T store. Store opens at 8am. Manager keeps coming out to give people info, wont say how many iPhones there vs. size of line.

    9:20am: I get inside. End up with the last 16gb iPhone.

    9:40am: Meet a guy on the way home from craigslist, sell my old iPhone.

    9:50am: Get home, activation wont work properly

    10:50am: Activation finally works...sorta

    11am-5pm: Notice constant phone drainage of battery, phone randomly looses power and shuts off. This happens regardless of what I am doing with the phone. At one point I charged the phone for an hour to no avail.

    5pm: Call Apple store locally. Apple says "bring the phone, we have replacements in stock". I spoke to Becca at International Plaza. I had to exchange a 1g iphone before, was really simple. Off to Apple.

    6pm: Get to the Apple store. Giant line, but after a few minutes someone knows who we are from the phone call and brings us in.

    Past this point till about 8pm I am waiting in the Apple store. Employees are trying to help us, keep going in the back room No one is telling me anything. The employee finally comes out and says that he talked to the manager of the store, and that there is nothing we can do.

    I ask to speak to the manager. I then hear the employee go up to someone and ask "where are the managers, whos still here". Didnt this kid just talk to a manager in the back room? 'The managers in the front of the store'? Thought he was in the back talking to him. K.

    The manager of the iPhone store (his name is 'Asa') at International Plaza tells me that there are no warranty replacements. I tell him that I was told by Becca that there were replacement units. He offers no recourse. Asa then says that he cannot exchange a phone for me because I bought it at AT&T, not at Apple. He then uses the example of 'if you bought a TV at Best Buy you couldnt take it back to circuit city'. I then reply with "If I buy a BMW at Carmax, BMW will repair it if its under warranty"

    He then goes into the back room to make phone calls to corporate. This provides no solution. I thank Asa and the gang for their time. Btw the whole time I've been talking to the manager one of his employees was standing by him not saying anything. Didnt know how to take that.

    Mid reading note: Just so you guys know, Im a pretty easy going guy, usually let most things roll...road rage, I don't litter, I'm nice to my old neighbor lady. Dunno didn't want you to read and be like 'ok this guys a *****'. Moving forward....

    8pm: I get to the AT&T store. AT&T WILL take my phone back, and charge me a 10% restocking fee. They will not exchange it for one of the iPhones in the back room, because they have to sell them tomorrow morning. I talk to a manger on the phone (because no manager is there) and he then tells me that they can try to take care of it tomorrow morning, and that he cannot call the head manager because he is going to the gym right now. I am told by the AT&T sales people that if I return the device I will be subject to a 72hr waiting period before the account can be consider "upgrade eligible" again.

    Phone time: AT&T CSR rep gets me no where, neither does the rententions/customer relations rep. His supervisor tells me she will refund the 10% restocking fee to the account, and to go ahead and return the phone. She tells me its ok if I goto Apple and get my phone there. If there are any issues Apple can call AT&T and they can confirm the account is eligible. This was Jamie Dunn. She was really nice, but what can you do over a phone you know. Thanks Jamie.

    9:30pm: Get back to Apple, get taken inside. The manager finds a person to ring my phone up. This takes about 5 minutes to get one of the employees to agree to do a 'sale'. Get started on a new phone. Soon the account of course is not "eligible for upgrade". a call to AT&T support doesnt solve the issue. I am also told that I cannot get my iPhone at Apple anyways because I have a FAN account.

    So a 10:15pm or so I have nothing left. I am a customer in good standing, and I am ABSOLUTELY APPALLED AT THE WAY I HAVE BEEN TREATED TODAY. At no point did I lose my cool, take anything out on anyone, or make a scene. Apple & AT&T your policies for customer service are horrid. There was absolutely no customer service in what I experienced today.

    Id love an email if you'd like to help me on this matter. Please send it to:

    [email protected]

    Id say call, but you cant. No phone. Good show gents!

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    WOW!! I am so glad I went to work today!!

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    Damn dude... What a day. That's 15 hours of your life you'll never get back... All these horror stories make me want to wait a while for the frenzy to cool off before I go buy a new phone.

    Sorry to hear about your abuse, best of luck getting things resolved.

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    That sucks! I was in line at an AT&T store for about 20 minutes after 8:00 AM, and the first customers still hadn't come out. I wised up and left. This **** just doesn't make sense, They have known how this was going to play out for over a month and obviously people don't use common sense, they just follow what is whispered to them from their computer and continue to play dumb. Yes it is a hectic day but why not make the most out of it? Movie Theaters do. The best is how they don't tell you how many phones they have in stock! Since I just waited around for over an hour I think i'll pass on the iphone and go with that two year old BlackJack!

    I personally would have stayed at apple or the ATT store until that **** got settled. If I got nowhere, I would go to another store and continue my rant until it go fixed. But that's just me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flounder21 View Post
    WOW!! I am so glad I went to work today!!


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    I truly feel bad for you I shared a different fate not like yours exactly! but it sure did make me change the way i feel toward at&t and how they treat their customers

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    He then uses the example of 'if you bought a TV at Best Buy you couldnt take it back to circuit city'. I then reply with "If I buy a BMW at Carmax, BMW will repair it if its under warranty"
    First thing that came to my mind:
    If I buy a Wii from Best Buy, I HAVE to send it to Nintendo.
    They made it.

    I don't think you're the only one in this mess, Apple/AT&T really screwed up this time. =/
    Hope you get a working phone soon. Maybe the jailbreak will be out by then

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    This sounds familiar. A few days ago I had to exchange my 1st gen. Drove out there (half hour away) didn't know you needed a reservation so I made one and waited 20 mins for my time. They exchanged my phone. Got lost on the way home because Google's turn by turn directions skipped a few turns. Found out the phone they gave me was broken. Next day I go back there again. Made an appointment in advance, but still had to wait 15 mins or so. They exchanged the phone but said they couldn't (wouldn't) give me one with a 7 or 8 serial number like I asked for. Got home and I'm still not happy with the one I've got. The Home button is loose, other buttons are mushy feeling, and it makes a hollow sound when I tap around the Home button. After all that I looked up my original serial number and it started with a 7, so both phones they gave me were older than the one I came in with. After all this phone trouble now I'm definitely never buying a computer from them, not that I wanted to in the first place.
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    i go to the gym, but cant imagine ever going later than 8 PM, that is crazy ish.
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    its time for the EECB (executive email carpet bomb). check this link for AT&T's CEO information and send him an email and tell him the problem: Updated: Contact AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson

    I had a similar situation, i waited in line at the apple store for 4 hours from 5-9am, got inside, then the account was marked not eligible for upgrade since I had FAN account (despite the fact that the actual discount hasn't applied for 2 years). I called an at&t CSR who claimed he couldn't remove the FAN designation, and even if he could it "wouldn't apply for 3 days." So I went the the at&t store which was then sold out by the time I got there. Called another CSR and asked her if she could do anything so that I could buy my phone from the apple store. She was much nicer than the first CSR, she removed the designation, and everything went fine at the apple store. So the first CSR lied to me twice, and wasted my time. In any event....sorry about your bad experience, but shoot the CEO an email, it has worked for a lot of people.

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    I'm a manager for at&t and I must say I agree with the original post. I am disgusted with the relationship at&t and apple has with this new iPhone. We had a similar situation yesterday morning where a customer (who was in line since 5am) purchased 3 new iphones. All 3 were port in's from T-mobile. We should appreciate these customers right? Wrong.

    Customer comes back shortly after she buys the phone & shows us the lock button doesn't work. We send her upstairs, she comes back down with some portly hippy deutche bag with a apple shirt 3 sizes too small stating they can't warranty it, return it for her & she can purchase it upstairs. Umm.. no. Warranty YOUR phone as you have done since the 1st gen ftards! After fighting back & forth apple agrees to replace her device.

    It's absolutely disgusting to see customers having to experience this especially when they are 1st excited about getting their new iPhone. Apple are completely confused at what they are doing, myself & my director had to go up to their store a few times to answer questions & in the end it was a whole clusterfuck.

    As for the IRU/CRU accounts, at&t gave Apple a phone number (wtf?) to call in to have CSR remove the FAN so they can sell the phone. Now the customer as to wait 2 billing periods for their discount again. Oh and to top that, Apple employees have to buy theirs in our stores & we have to wait until august to buy ours?! yea ok.. I have another store selling me mine.

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    that is sad, I have a dead pixel on my phone and plan on returning it for another, I hope I don't have the same experience with apple

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    seriously this is so sad. why wont apple / att do anything to make this right?

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    you got the shaft from agitated apple employees. i feel your pain man and i would tell this story on any att and apple forum you can find. this is a huge dissapointment from apple and att, i would scream from the hilltops in frustration. i mean you waited in line, you paid for the phone and you got a LEMON! and now apple does nothing and att wants you to pay them for taking it back?! no dude, you need to ***** at someone. i wouldn't even begin to be calm if i were you.

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    That's exactly what happens when two companies who give a rat's a$$ to customers get into a joint launch. I feel sorry for you man...

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    What a crappy experience - sorry there. While I admire you're ability to keep things cool it seems like the only way to get these companies to treat you like they should is to be a ***** about things. Go back to Apple/AT&T and COMPLAIN like hell.

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    thats y im glad im a tmobile customer. i nevr had a problem with customer service like that with a phone i bought the same day, i must say thats ridicilous. Dont need a 3g and dont care for one ill b sticking with my 1st gen. Too much hassle jus to get a damn phone IMHO
    waiting on my iPhone 6+

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    well at least you have one, in canada here its a bunch of bs over the pricing we are paying.

    They let me get a voice only plan which is what i wanted but they wont tell me if they can block data or not.

    Think ur day was that bad huh.

    I only spent 5+ hours on hold and probably 2+ hours talking to people trying to get a definite answer.

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