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Thread: Ringtones not working on itunes 7.7 / 3g 16gig

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    Default Ringtones not working on itunes 7.7 / 3g 16gig
    I cannot get my ringtones to upload on ituens 7.7 on a new 3g iphone. Its all checked to sync them under the ringtones tab and I can sync anything else just not ringtones? I even wiped off the ringtones and added them again , made sure they showed under "Ringtones" and still ... no go?


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    Are these legit ringtones you bought through iTunes or custom ones?

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    I've got both legit and custom ones working on my new 3G and the newest iTunes... No issues so far.

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    I got a 3 minute ringtone to sync to my iphone 3g. But, when i look for it on my iphone 3g, it doesn't show up in the list. But when I look at my iphone 3g ringtone list through itunes on my pc, it's there.

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    it can be longer than 45(or 30) seconds.

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    I am having the same issue with a custom ringtone. It shows to sync but it does not show up on the phone. Anyone have any insight?

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    I'm having a similar issue. I have one ringtone that show's up in my iTunes ringtone library but does not show in the iPhone ringtones list. Tried deleting from library and adding again but still won't show up in the iPhone ringtones list. Baffles me cause it's no different then all my other ringtones.
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    I thought it would work as long as it was 30 seconds or less

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    No, thats not it. Mine is 17 seconds and it does not play. Maybe it has to be 30 seconds or more?


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    Default use iphone ringone maker
    The program works great the 3g iphone

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    i had the same issue, but i edited them down to less than 30 seconds and they worked just fine.

    btw, im on windows xp, 3g phone, itunes 7.7 and used the custom method (changing .m4a -> .m4r)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiyo View Post
    it can be longer than 45(or 30) seconds.
    40 not a second more *TESTED*

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    I'm having the same problem. I just jailbroke my iphone last night. Ringtones show up on itunes and on my iphone via itunes, But when I go to look for it on my phone it isn't showing up.
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    samething here.
    Just updated to 7.7.1 and ringtones are gone after sync.
    They show up on itunes, but not on phone.

    Ideas anyone??

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    Are you guys dragging the ringtones over to the phone? Just because they are in iTunes doesn't mean they'll just jump over. I suggest you "manually manage music" and always uncheck sync boxes in your itunes options so you know it gets done by dragging it from your library to your phone manually.

    I've done it this way from the beginning and never had any issues:

    Select the song in iTunes that I want to use as a ringtone. Protected AAC files will not work.

    Right-click on the song and select Get Info

    Go to the Options page and select the start and end times for the ringtone

    Right-click on the song again and select Convert Selection to AAC

    Right-click on the converted song and select Show in Finder

    Drag the .m4a file from the Finder window to your desktop

    Go back to iTunes and delete the converted song from iTunes. If you skip this step, double clicking on the .m4r file to import the ringtone into iTunes will not work properly.

    Right-click on the song file on your desktop, select Get Info and change the file extension from .m4a to m4r.

    Open Finder and locate the Ringtones folder underneath your iTunes folder. The path should be /Users//Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Ringtones. If you don't have this folder, create it.

    Drag the renamed song file from your desktop to the Ringtones folder in Finder.

    Double-click on the .m4r file now stored inside the Ringtones folder. iTunes should change to the Ringtones folder under Library near the top and start playing the ringtone.

    Drag the ringtone to your phone.

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