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Thread: Outlook Contacts Not Syncing

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    Default Outlook Contacts Not Syncing
    I've searched and read my butt off and I can find but a few instances where people has has a problem with it.

    I cannot get my Outlook 2003 contacts onto my phone (itunes 7.5). It's jailbroken with the latest AppSnapp and SSH.
    I've tried every piece of advice on this forum and can't find anything.

    The phone says it's syncing the contacts but still there is nothing on here. I've checked the add-ons (itunes is enabled) and the disabled list and everything is good.
    If I export and convert the book to a .wab (windows address book) then it works, but that is a crummy way to do it and the contacts are trashed (no specific details like # info or email addys).

    I've been working on this for several ours, can someone help me.

    I've followed apples instruction to the letter as well.


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    I had a similar problem with Outlook 2002 and iTunes 7.5.

    I was able to sync iTunes 7.5 with Outlook 2002. Apparently, all you need to do is select Outlook 2002/ Outlook 2003 as the default mail client even if you're using any other mail client. I was using Outlook Express as a default mail client but as soon as I made Outlook 2002, the default mail client, it synced with iTunes without any problem whatsoever.

    Hope it works for you also.


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    I tried this that, still nothing. I also tried upgrading to Outlook 2007, still won't work. I have 200 contacts w/email addresses in Outlook and the blasted thing won't sync them. Outlook is the default mail client. I don't know what to do.

    Help Someone.

    Surely someone knows the answer.

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