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Thread: App store with tmobile!

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    Default App store with tmobile!
    do you think that once 2.0 is jailbroken/unlocked and using tmobile we can use the app store and still download games and stuff with TMOBILE?
    i saw , i bought, i unlocked!

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    I can't imagine why not. The AppStore is an Apple service so all you need is an Apple Account to get charged and you're set. The rest is data being sent to/from your phone.

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    I think the question is. Will the background service, (aim, alerts, etc,) work over T-Mobiles network.

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    Oooooooooh, that's a good one. I'm going to say no because Apple will probably set it up to run through the official network rather than data (unless Apple can handle the worldwide push capacity for every phone in the world using the apps).

    But then again, who the hell knows. September is still far away.

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    I think apple will make it work with other carriers because they make even more money either way in time hackers will find a way they always do

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    Yes they are going to have to.

    iPod Touch = broken otherwise.

    The cloud could theoretically restrict T-Mobile or other carrier's IP ranges, but I think that would be overkill. Apple's accepted that the 2.5G phones are lost causes, and are now just enforcing compliance to AT&T masters through retail policies.

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    Re-reading how the push service for apps work, it's definitely going to work through T-Mobile or any other network, regardless of whether the phone is locked or unlocked. For the push service, Apple is acting as proxy between apps and your phone, so if the app enables it and has the service running, it will contact apple and apple contacts your phone. AT&T or any locked network doesn't touch this. As long as your plan has data, you should be good.

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