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Thread: iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode! Undetected by itunes!

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    Default iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode! Undetected by itunes!
    Ok, so heres my problem.

    I bought an iPhone thats stuck in recovery mode. When I turn the iphone on, it shows the itunes icon and the wire to connect (thats recovery mode right?). Well now when I connect it to my computer, it does not detect that anything was connected. So the iphone is undetected. Any way I can fix this? I tried holding the sleep/off button with the home button, then letting go of the sleep/off button and plugging it into the dock while I held the home button. No luck. Can someone PLEASE help me?


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    umm when holding down those two buttons did u wait for it to reboot then once the apple logo shows let go of the sleep should detect it in DFU all this while plugged in the comp

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    No dont do that. Download Ziphone and set it to normal mode, problem solved.

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    use ziphone/ilibery+ to kick it out of DFU Mode

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    Just dont use ziphone, its bad for your phone
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    Just use iplus 2.0. That's what I always used and it NEVER ever gave me any issues. ziphone can be problematic it seems.

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    No no you guys don't get my problem. The iphone isn't even detected by any program when I plug it into my computer. So iLiberty, Ziphone, etc doesn't detect that an iphone or anything is connected.

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    Default same problem
    'm having the same probem here, itunes opens up, but doesnt detect my phone and its stuck in recovery... nothing seems to work, or is this how the phone gets bricked when u upgrade the 1st gen to 2.0, mine was pwned to 2.0 and was working perfectly till now..

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    dude.... i found the solution.. im guessing you havent upgraded to itunes 7.7 , if u havnt then do that, it will detect your phone, then use the custom firmware from pwnage to restore it... it worked for me...

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    Welll the problem was this.. the iphone had a cracked screen and the fall somehow caused it 2 break something that it needs for itunes 2 detect the phone or something.

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