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    Default OMG ANOTHER Iphone PROBLEM
    My Iphone keeps crashing when i plug it into the dock i get it to work and then it crashes when i plug it into the dock

    anyone have a solution
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    uh... maybe if you have some more details you would like to share, like firmware, howd you jailbreak, operating system, u kno some basic stuff.
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    ok i have the firmware 1.1.4
    I have Windows XP OS
    Jailbroke it with ZiPhone
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    I came across this issue, it just randomly happened, i tried to restart it, that actually worked. But this occurred more frequently until one day it just went nuts.

    Im assuming the plist, which loads when the iPhone loads is corrupt. All I did was restore on iTunes, and use ZiPhone again, worked fine, took less then 10 mins.

    but if you do restore, you should have a backup on iTunes....and stay away from ZiPhone, i've heard there are alot of issues.

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    That's exactly what I was about to say, use iLberty instead if you want a good working phone.

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    Don't think you need to restore. Check a couple of things. Go to settings and turn off autp brightness known to cause a lot of crashing and freezing,

    Turn off computer. Turn off iPhone by holding the Power and home button untill it goes off to Black Screen. Connect to dock. Turn on computer. Then turn on iTunes when iPhone in iTunes do a sync. Turn off iphone with the power button. Remove from dock. Hold again the Power and home button untill screen goes black continuing to hold the Home button......with computer and iTunes still open connect to dock while still holding the home button. When itunes recgonizes the iPhone sync again.

    Remove iphone from dock. Then connect again. This should resolve your problem.


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