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Thread: Connecting iPhone to PPPoE network over WiFi?

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    Talking Connecting iPhone to PPPoE network over WiFi?
    today i bought a "Linksys Wireless-G ADSL home gateway WAG200G"

    and every thing is ok ,i use it to connect to two PC's wired ,and my laptop wireless ,and it works like a charm

    but this is not why i bought it , i bought it to connect my iphone to my Adsl internet with it

    but i cant connect it ?? and i discovered the reason ,is that that my ISP have a username and password ([email protected] ,pppoe) and usually every time i startup my pc i go to "Connect to" and then my "isp name" and Conect and every thing is okay , but i cant find this feature on my iphone

    and i went to my friends house , he uses a different Adsl ISP and without user name and password (when he starts his PC he goes directly to IE and opens and doest need any connection )

    so at my friends house i was able to connect my iphone with my Linksys and it was very very very goooooood

    is there any solution for me ??? or iPhone doesn't support PPPoE user name and password verification ????????

    please help me i really need help ,

    and sorry i wrote a lot ,but i want my problem to be clear

    and thanks again

    (iPhone 1.0.2 , jailbreaked ,non AT&T)

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    Can't you just set up the PPPoE info in your router so it logs in?

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    i done that , in my wifi i chose PPPoE encapsulation and i entered my username and password and select Keep Alive and redial period to 30 sec

    but it doesnt work ???
    please what should i do ???
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    omg...i need help too... with pppoe... my ipod touch only supports pptp, l2tp and ipsec... what should i do ? ...i dont have any options. Is there any app for iphone and ipod touch that makes possible connection to pppoe ?

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    I had the same problem but i fixed it, i dont really remember exactly what i did but from what i remember is that you have to go into your router settings, select pppoe over ethernet, then select keep alive and save your settings, that should work. If that doesnt work call linksys and tell them you want you internet to be always connected so you wont have to enter the user name and password everytime you connect.

    Hope this helps, if i remember exactly what i did i will post it again!
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    In my experience, Linksys' telephone customer support is great. You may want to try giving them a call; I'd bet they'll set it up with you step-by-step.

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    I've the same yet slightly different issue. You see, I'm deployed to Afghanistan and the only internet available is IO-Global. They only offer PPPOE over wifi which I suppose is ok for notebooks but terrible for iPhone or iPad at the moment. So although there are those that say setup your router to login to your pppoe, there is a need for an app for iDevices.

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