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Thread: build quality

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    Default build quality
    hi all..

    the iphone was my first apple purchase and it has been a little disappointing. true, it is very cool but i expected more......

    my uk iphone is unlocked....

    1. the battery went dead after the first couple of weeks.....

    so i went and had it exchanged - lucky.

    2. this time round, the vibrate function doesnt work....i've tried tapping just below the apple symbol on the back but it still doesnt work...
    i installed the Ibrate app and sure enough it does not vibrate

    Not sure how i can exchange it now it has been a little bit over a month....

    Unless somebody has a solution for the vibrate issue.......

    Disappointed buyer.

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    If it's only been a month it shouldn't be a problem, as the iPhone has a 1 year factory warranty that protects it against defects... if the vibration feature doesn't work, you can go in and swap it out without a problem

    also your "lucky" situation with the battery, they would have exchanged it out without a second thought.
    You can find Sciphone in the Links section...

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    hi turbo....

    even though i have unlocked the phone and not go on one of the extortionate contracts - they would exchange it???

    thanks mate

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    hmm. maybe just restore it back to locked than return it? Idk

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    ok.... now onto my third iphone....

    was able to exchange for a new one... hopefully this will last
    longer than 2 weeks before something else goes wrong with the phone

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