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Thread: tv out on iphone?

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    Default tv out on iphone?
    I bought a cable of ebay that said it would work for tv ont on the iphone, it plugs into the bottom and has 3 connectors, red, yellow, white. This cable works fine on a normal video ipod but cant get it to work on an iphone, also tried a friends but no luck. Is it possible to get the tv out option working on a jailbroke iphone? (so i can play vids of the phone on a tv - will come in handy when im working away etc)

    many thx for any help offerd.

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    I believe you can only use the Apple branded Component or Composite av out cables with the iPhone and iPod touch because these contain a special chip which instructs the iPhone to offer av out as an option when you try to view a video. There are a number of third party cables on the market which claim to work with the iPhone or iPod touch but I think whether they work or not is a bit hit and miss so you are better going with an original in the long term (I got the component cable and movies look and sound great on my 50" Sony Bravia).
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    ok cheers thx for the reply, plz can you tell me how much and where did you get your cable from?

    thx again

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    I got mine off e-bay, 20 (I'm in the UK approx $40 US) brand new in the box from a clearance seller. I think normally new they cost around 35 ($70) which most people agree is pretty pricey, but then again buying umpteen third party cables for a few dollars each is expensive if none of them do what you want them to.
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    I know with the Ipod any AV cable will work, you just have to change the color outputs. Apple did this as a ploy to get you to only use their cable.

    Normal AV cable used on Ipod =
    Red make (Yellow)
    Yellow Make (White)
    White make (Red)

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