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Thread: Why doesn't Apple provide unlocked phones?

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    Default Why doesn't Apple provide unlocked phones?
    There seems to be a big enough demand for unlocked iPhones.

    I understand there may be some value in residual revenues with locked phones. However, if it was just about money than Apple could price it accordingly and let people decide.

    There are no laws that require Apple to sell only locked phones. In some countries, the laws actually require carriers to provide unlocked phones.

    I understand in the US, ATT is the only official carrier and they may have an exclusive deal to be the only provider of iPhones in the US.

    Is it known, in other countries, if Apple has entered into agreements not to resell unlocked phones to consumers?

    What is preventing Apple from selling unlocked iPhones outside of the US?

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    From my understanding, Apple likes to keep TIGHT control on all of their products, they want to be the ones in control, not the users.
    And as you said, there is probably more money to be made when the contract exclusive.

    It is important to note that there will be an unlocked version available later this year for $599/$699..

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    So, only one carrier per country is carrying the iPhone 3G?

    Do we know the duration of the agreements that may be preventing Apple from selling unlocked iPhones?

    I'm glad to hear there will be an unlocked version of the iPhone this year, where was this announced? I'm worried the price you indicated is for an iPhone "without contract" but still locked to the carrier that provided it.


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    It's not a question of who is allowing or not allowing - it is basically just a stratergic decision made in a big conference room in Cupertino, CA.
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