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Thread: Iphone screen doesnt work in some areas, dont know if its a dead strip.

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    Exclamation Iphone screen doesnt work in some areas, dont know if its a dead strip.
    My iphone works fine until I come to either delete this or delete that. I cannot either intall anything on the installer since I cannot click on the intaller button after you click install on the top right hand corner. I believe it isnt working near the bottom. I bought it used and have no reciept and I bypasses activation by jailbraking it. Do you think apple will let me replace it or do you know whats wrong with it? Thanks.

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    Have you tried the iphone controls both vertically and horizontally to see if the screen is indeed not working in CERTAIN spots? If the SAME area is always not working in either vertical or horizontal mode, then your LCD is probably defective and will need to be replaced.
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    Yes the lcd does not work in either horizontal or vertical mode. I was just making sure that the downgrade did not cause this or did it? If I have to get it replaced will apple charge me if I dont have a reciept because I put the serial number in and says it has warrenty till sept 15 2008 but I dont have the reciept because I bought it used.

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    I had a similar problem with my first iPhone. I had a dead strip along the middle of the phone. It's really annoying. I made an appointment with Genius Bar at Apple Store and they replaced it for me. If you jailbroke it make sure you first restore the phone. You don't need a receipt or anything just make an appointment and they'll replace it.

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    Ok thank you very much. The only problem is I jailbroke it it bypass activation will this be a problem? Or is it after I restore it will my sim card still work on it?
    Thank you everyone for you help.

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    If you only jailbroke your phone, but you're still on AT&T, you should be ok

    The same dead-spot issue happened with me. I did a restore to get it back to stock, and handed it to an Apple tech.

    They traded my SIM and gave me a new one on the spot, no questions asked (including anything about jailbreaking).

    Just make sure that you didn't unlock the phone from AT&T's network. That re-writes the baseband and is apparently very difficult to undo.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you. Yes I jailbroke it just to run AT&T and didnt jailbreak it. So pretty much what your saying is just give them it with the activation screen or can I restore it and it will store work with my sim that I never activated it with.

    I mean i didnt unlock it just jailbroke it. sorry about the confusion.
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    Um... Any advice for someone who DID unlock it? I'm pretty sure I can restore it all to factory settings including baseband, but I'm just not sure what else I need to do. Or if it will matter than I don't have an AT&T sim in the slot..
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