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Thread: wifi free?

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    Default wifi free?
    so using this wifi or the even the edge network.. is it free to use or what?? do they throw in xtra charges for you bein on it or how does it work?

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    WiFi is free depending on where you go, some places, like coffee houses, have WiFi hotspots that you have to pay to use, but most of the time its free.

    The EDGE network SHOULD be unlimited with your plan, I don't think I saw a plan on ATT that did NOT have unlimited data. I could be wrong, though.

    If you go overseas, you will pay an arm and a leg for using your EDGE network, though, so be careful if traveling abroad.

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    so like having wireless net at home.. att cant charge me for bein on the net..

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    ATT will not charge for wifi, only the certain hotspots do that...
    If you have a ATT iphone plan or a ATT plan with a iphone data package you have unlimited edge access in the US. Just check your text usage and make sure your plan covers you enough on text messages. If you do not have a ATT plan ie unlocked... then check with the service you are using and make sure their edge is covered in your package..

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    ok dern.. sry to keep on about this.. so im an existing cingular/att user.. but i still have to unlock to use my sim with phone cause our cingular is a lil different cause its a local thing.. but i still have to add a data plan.. so how would that work?

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