Hey guys

Got duped on a phone I bought off a guy at work (long story)

Basically, I have a 1.0.2 which was revirginized and iunlocked which works great.

I have no wifi available so I use ibrickr and ifuntastic (another question - i paid for full service, got all 'greens' on the features, then next time i opened i tup, all red... how do i contact them?? I paid the $25 for the full pack.

Anyhoo, How do I upgrade my 1.0.2 unlocked (yes, i KNOW i have to revirginize) to 1.1.1 without wifi?
I can't 'pre 1.1.1' independence tab.. I just want to transfer files across, run programs, and go nuts :-)

Thanks - hope u can all help.

ps. don't forget the 'funtastic' question if u're free :-)