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Thread: Loudest speaker volume ever?

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    i cannot believe i did it but i did. wow...sounds like a phone with normal volume FINALLY! yipee. i hope this doesnt so something bad to our phones

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    WOW I cant beleive this just worked lmfao its sooo much louder at first when I did it I wasnt sure then once I got all the ones your able to poke done I was like holy ****!

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    i did this awhile back and it is AWESOME!

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    deffinetly works and u can actually feel air comming out the speaker if u hold up to ur eye ahahaha. crazy

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    This quick fix is genious. I thought my ifone was perm damaged because my volume was so low. Not even iClarified volume fix for 1.1.3 helped but now with the help of a paperclip my ifone is louder than ever. Eureka! Major thanks to whoever figured this out first. True ifone hacker, LOL.
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    This 'fix' has been around on the net for a while. Problem is that the membrane that is pierced is there to prevent moisture from entering the case at that weakpoint. Some sources report up to an 80% greater risk of damage from moisture on iPhones where this low tech mod has been done. Sources available upon request.


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    Gotta say that it is much louder now. I used a needle and now I can actually hear my phone ring in my pocket!

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    Does anyone can show me exactly where should I stick the needle...Thks a lot

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    if u read the post u would know but i won't be an %ss! Look at your home button. to the left of it is the screen u need to poke. the holes in there poke them

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    well i just tried it with a staple on my new 16GB and it worked tried to get cover off to remove the screen but chickened out, Thanks for the help now i really love my iphone
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    i mite do this even tho i gt a 16 gig... how deep should the needle go? also I'm sure that if a drop of water gets in ur screwed. Once when i had a 4gig my phone was literrally inside a snowball and it survived, so this might destroy its waterproofness

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    i dont care if its waterproof or not. anyway.. its not waterproof at all.. its not meant to be. i will de-virginize it tonight.
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    Not waterproof as much as moisture reduction. The screen keeps moisture from getting it. That includes humidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnie53 View Post
    I must have pushed in too deep because now the speaker does not work at all. Where can I order a replacement speaker for the phone? :S

    buy the parts here

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    Folks, be smart about this fix.

    Goto ebay and buy the tool for opening the iphone case. Then remove the antenna cover and puncture the foam (or remove it 100%)

    The tool costs $5 to $6, There also videos out there showing how to use it.

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    I removed mine 100% .. Now its so loud ... especially the speaker phone , its finally loud enough to use ...

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    Smile it works
    It worked for me too

    (1.1.3 week 51)

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    I was wondering if any of you, who have have done this experienced the problem with parts of the screen not responding after a while like the area where the slider is? I know there is an issue with many iphones concerning this.

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    Ok im sold!!!my phones louder than i expected,,,thanx

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    wow man thats loud it nearly blew my eardrums off as im used to holding the phone next to my ear when i listen music
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