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Thread: Loudest speaker volume ever?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Hello Guys,
    I had to replace my iphone screen, took some photos when it was open, i have attached photo showing speaker with/without cover.

    I hope this helps.

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    thanks for the pictures m8.

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    yes I've done this a few times and it does indeed work. Just make sure you use something small and try not to go that deep (hee).

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    wow that actually worked! thanx..
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    I don't know what ur all on about !! i just tried it and i can't hear no popping when i stick a pin in there it only went through like 2 holes on the left speaker then u feel something hard ?? u sure it works

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    Hey Guys,
    I was sorta skeptical about using a needle and poking it into the speaker covering. But after mmaker provided good photos of the speaker (minus the black housing). I could see that theres a flap covering the speaker.

    Speaker volume is now 20-30% louder easy. I wonder how loud it would be without the flap altogether.

    TheDetox, you just need to peirce the thin flap. No popping sounds!

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    sometimes is a just a lil sound almost unhearable...
    just have to stick a lil bit of the stick...
    yes u will feel something hard, stop dont try more... thats it...

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    holy crap. not even kidding... it wasnt software, but indeed hardware...

    speakerphone, ipod, ringtones, and basic sounds are sooooooooooo much louder. very very impressed....

    im just really pissed that apple but that flap there...
    whata bunch of tards jk

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    im going to have to try this when i get off... i read every thread haha....

    Update: This really does work!
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    I think part of why the volume gets louder is because the holes get bigger!!!! if you compare the speaker holes to the mics holes after your done poking the speaker ones looks bigger!!! thats what i think!!!! but it did work! thanks!!
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    This is the bomb when i first seen this i was like no way that sticking a pin in the hole would work but surely i did it and it WORKS!!!!! so much more louder the way it should be! THANKS

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    Cool find but am I the only one who thinks Apple put that there for a reason? I dont think they did it to make the sound lower and spite you. Im not about to go poke holes in it especially if it will cause dust under the screen. Does the tweak for sound on the installer work well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailorguido View Post
    Cool find but am I the only one who thinks Apple put that there for a reason? I dont think they did it to make the sound lower and spite you. Im not about to go poke holes in it especially if it will cause dust under the screen. Does the tweak for sound on the installer work well?
    If you mean AUDIOAMP...I've read that it doesn't make a difference...
    1.1.2FW w/ 4.02.13_G Baseband. Rock Solid!

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    audioamp doesnt make one bit of difference.. this might though, if you dont want to attempt this procedure.

    **but it's well worth it

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    I can't believe that this works...but you guys leave me no option, I've gotta try it. I'm afraid very afraid...don't want to damage my perfect phone.....

    Hold up.....I notice a lot of crud down in the holes already...maybe I won't do this. I keep my iphone in my pocket all day within the clear plastic case. This leave the speaker hole very vulnerable to foreign material...I think I'll have to hold out.
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    Yes and also if the screen is dirty I would say the best way to clean it is with sandpaper

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    Default screen clean
    if any 1 has opened up an iphone is it possible to clean the screen or is it locked in ,,if so peirsing the flap wouldnt be that bad ,,,all my phones i ever had, have been in really dusty enviroments and none has ever gone into the screen just scratched from outside

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    Thanks man!

    It definitely works!

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    Default You almost killed me!
    Quote Originally Posted by Napoleon_PhoneApart View Post
    Well, I guess we won't be able to "virginize" our iPhones anymore, eh?
    Good one!

    Back to the was scary but I tried it. I can confirm that it works. My volume increased by approximately 75%! Thanks given!
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    hell yeah this works! I was mad till now...dang this is the best device made

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