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Thread: First Post... Question About iPhone Antenna Problem

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    Arrow HELP! QUICK - First Post... Question About iPhone Antenna Problem
    Hi all, ...

    Okay, so I have an iPhone which I just got recently. It's great, but I noticed on the left side of the black antenna, when I push down, it seems loose. Also, it makes a squeak when I press it.

    If I took it to the Apple store, would they do a free replacement? I have some 3rd party apps on it, would a simple restore clear it? Thanks
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    First off, yes a restore will clear your mods and unjailbreak your phone. Be careful however which firmware version you restore with.

    Second, I wouldnt even worry about the mods...your problem has nothing to do with software, its simple the case. I would take it to Apple, they can either fix it - or they would have to replace it. I really dont think they would say anything about the mods.

    Case in point - Last weekend my phone got fried by an FM trasmitter (you cant plug the Iphone into an ipod FM trasmitter so I later learned), the hardware on the inside was toast, I was running 1.1.1 fully modded and the "Apple Genius" gave me a brand new phone and even told me that even though I had modded the phone, that had nothing to do with my problem

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    Thank you, wow-you're lucky. lol I hope that happens to me... It's not a big deal but Im afraid itll get worse.

    Okay I spoke to a woman on the phone and she said that Apple will try to do a repair and charge me because theyll say its Accidental Damage. Do you think if I spoke to someone at the store personally they could change that?
    Any more input would be great

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    Personally, I would take it to the Apple store. If the phone is in excellent shape, with no scratches or anything than you could convince them YOU didnt break it......just my thoughts, worth a shot.

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    I have a new question - does restoring the phone take me to the activation screen??
    And - if I restore it will they be able to tell it was previously jailbroken

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