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Thread: iPhone Screen / LCD / Display problem: Flickering pixels on certain colors

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    Default iPhone Screen / LCD / Display problem: Flickering pixels on certain colors
    My iPhone has just recently started having display problems. Specifically, it seems certain colors appear to be out of range of the display's capabilities.

    To me there is little logic here, and while one might be quick to assume it is a matter of dead pixels, I believe there is something else going on.

    Case in point:

    I can look at a photo, and most of it appears fine. However in thin lines throughout the photo (usually where colors overlap) appear on the screen, flickering with inaccurate colours (either the wrong colour, or too bright, etc.)

    Now for the strange part: If I rotate the photo, the flickering patches will remain in the same place on the photo! Same goes for if I scale the image... The flickering patches will scale as well! (and thereby no longer flickering on the same screen pixels, but instead flickering on new pixels matched with the photo's colors)

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I restored everything several times but had no luck...

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    Its a problem with the photos themselves when they sync to the phone, especially high resolution photos. I had this problem months ago, and I never really got rid of it.

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    The strange thing is, it does it for everything though... It even flickers when restored completely on the "Connect to iTunes" screen. The springboard icons flicker as well. Probably the most noticeable place is in Safari. Right along the middle of the bar (where it fades from lighter to darker grey) is a band of jagged flickering pink pixels.

    Are you having this problem as well?

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    Have attached some pics in case anyone else can identify this problem.

    Note that the weird pinkish pixels are not limited to any one part of the screen, but instead follow the image if it is rotated or scaled, etc. It is almost like one color is out of range of the display adapter.

    Hasn't hurt the phone, but it is very annoying.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -iphone-pixel-flicker-01.jpg   -iphone-pixel-flicker-02.jpg   -iphone-pixel-flicker-03.jpg   -iphone-pixel-flicker-04.jpg   -iphone-pixel-flicker-05.jpg   -iphone-pixel-flicker-06.jpg  

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    Wow that really sucks. Maybe it's just your display. I haven't noticed that on anyone's iPhone except yours.
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    I really hope maybe somehow the 2.0 firmware will fix this, but I am doubtful of such fortune.

    Something tells me it might be failing video memory.

    Another peculiar behaviour: the flickering patches seem to disappear in many places the hotter the phone gets.

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    I had the same problem yesterday I send it to one reparing service not apple one and I had to replace the screen for 70 euros .
    So everyone who have the same problem just to let u know that its screen problem,if you have chance to return on apple store thats much more better.

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