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Thread: take the sim out?

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    Default take the sim out?
    att tells me that even if im using wifi im still charged for service since the phone is processing information. i find this hard to believe, but im not gonna argue since im in trouble with them anyways. i got a huge charge for edge because when i finally switched to att i stuck the new sim into the iphone and didnt get the data plan. everythings on its way to getting fixed, but at the current time i have another problem.

    im stuck in canada right now, so they charge alot for data transfer. i want to just use wifi, but as i said att tells me that wifi would cost me anyways (wtf?) so i should just stay off my phone.

    oh yeah, and i just restored my phone before i left for canada.

    so i called them today and asked them "what if i took my sim card out of my iphone? would it charge me then?" the lady said she didnt think so but she was gonna double check.

    when she came back she told me that without the sim card the phone wouldnt work anyways because "the sim card is like the brain. the phone wont work without it". im like "what if it does work without the sim card?" and shes like "it wont."

    so i have two questions:

    one- if i took my sim card out and use the wifi, would it charge me once i put it back in?

    two- since i restored my phone, shouldnt the ability to use it without a sim card be gone? and why am i still able to take screencaps?

    pardon me if these questions are excessively noobish, att's and apple's mind control tactics are a bit too much right now.

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    Welcome to MMi! If you are connected to wifi then the data is being routed through the wi-fi provider, not your cell phone (edge) connection so you won't be charged. If your phone is not "hactiavted" by a 3rd party program (iLiberty, pwnage, iplus...) then your phone will show the NO SIM message when you take it out and you'll be unable to use the device.

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    i had hactivated it earlier but i restored it. it seems though that some of the effects of jailbreaking/activating/unlocking it are still there, like the ability to use the phones features without the sim card and the screencap function.

    but youre positive that if i take the sim card out and use the wifi it wont charge me?

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    postive i bought a i phone that had a deactivated sim and i could use wifi fine or when i dind't pay my bill and they cut my service off for a lil i still could use wifi so it's not possibe that they can charge just for wifi

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    Since the data/information is being routed thru wifi and not edge it is impossible for them to charge you, since they are 2 different things.
    Now, when my iphone was hacked, I could take my sim out, and some apps stuff, likw wifi still worked, I think.
    Hope some of that helps
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