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Thread: iphone not making or receving calls or SMS

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    Default iphone not making or receving calls or SMS
    hey guys on friday i was using my iphone to send out a text and my iphone all of a sudden said error sending message i thought might b coz i got low signal so i tried making a phone call like 2 hours later and my phone just would not call any1 just kept saying call failed and i tried calling it and a operator on another phone says calls are not being connected to this number curently.

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    Have you tried turning the phone off and turning it back on? That might help cause it might just have been a lil glitch in the phone. If not just call at&t cause it could be the network

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    ive tried that im in the uk im on the t-mobile network

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    sure you're not in airplane mode? :P

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    This is a service problem, not a phone problem. Call customer care.

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    nope the phone isnt in airplane moe its got full signal and everything i can still use safari when i dont have wifi. My sister has an iphone on t-mobile and her phone works fine

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    I have the same problem, any idea on what to do?

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