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Thread: Do you need ID at Apple Stores

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    Default Do you need ID at Apple Stores
    I'm headed down to Syracuse NY and I had a friend that went down to Watertown and the AT&T store would not sell him and iphone since he didn't have US ID. I was wondering if this is the same for the Apple stores.
    I'm Canadian.

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    I showed the guy my Ontario Drivers License and he didn't care. If they ask just tell them you're buying it as a gift for you sister/brother who is in school in the states. All they care about is if you buy with credit card. He did ask for my zip code and I told him I don't want to disclose that information, which you don't have to.

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    Actually, you kinda have to disclose the zip code the credit card is attached to, if you're paying by CC. That is, if you want your transaction to go through.

    Most gas stations ask you for your ZIP if you're using a credit card at the pump.
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    well i didn't disclose my zipcode (postal code). I just showed him my drivers license to verify that i'm the guy whose name was on the credit card. I bought my iphone in new york city if that helps.

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