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Thread: Buy a2dp transmitter or wait for update?

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    Default Buy a2dp transmitter or wait for update?
    i really want to be able to stream stereo music to my iphone with my motorola s9 and would like to know if i should wait for an a2dp upgrade (is there any imminent) or just buy an adapter, really need it for the gym.
    and if the adapter is the way, which is the best working minimalistic one to go with.


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    Default Hi
    I have one, it is the match to the iTech BlueBAND I use it with my A2DP headphones, it's rather slim and small, but even at that, it's still an annoyance, and of course you get no microphone, the BlueBAND headphones have a mic, with my N95 I can listen to music over A2DP then press a button on the headset to pick up a phone call and use the built in mic, press the button again to go back to music.

    Unfortunately it's not so clean with the iPhone, your best solution would be to pair the headset to the phone in headset profile, and then plug in the adapter, when you receive a call on headset profile, the headset (atleast mine does) kicks the A2DP connection to the transmitter off and you get your call.

    I'm hoping apple will bring an A2DP update, and anything anyone says about it being impossible due to hadrware is talking ******** .... look up "Bluetooth 2.0+EDR" and tell me exactly which of the 15+ profiles bluetooth is capable of is not supported in hardware here. It doesn't work, because apple doesn't want it to work, simple as.

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    AFAIK A2DP is a hardware implementation, and you won't see it on the current iPhone via a software update.

    Just because Bluetooth 2.0 supports A2DP doesn't mean Apple implemented it in the iPhone. Remember, the iPhone is *not* Bluetooth-certified, and may not have the full complement of BT 2.0 features in it's hardware.

    With that being said, I woldn't hold my breath waiting for A2DP. Heck, I'm just hoping for voice dialing over BT, which IS possible with a software update, but probably won't happen since it'll require too much system space or something.

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    i have seen on many other threads that the bluetooth profiles that were hacked and found identified the one that works with a2dp
    i really hope this is so..........

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    the adapter will be useless for u trust me. I have that bluetooth adapter it's a motorola and it DOES not work with our iphone.
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    which bluetooth motorola adapter
    afaik motorola doesnt make adapters, just the headset

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    Motorola does make adapters, and one specifically for the s9 headphones, the D650 if I remember correctly.

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