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Thread: Iphone as webcam? is it possible?

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    Question Iphone as webcam? is it possible?
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to use the iphone as a webcam?
    8gb 1.1.1. Iphone Hacked and unlocked with At&t?:confused

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    It's really simple.

    Go here:

    Then go here:

    Then learn all about that software, and then make an app that will let you use the camera as a video camera.

    No sweat.

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    hmmm...sounds easy enough...i'll try to make something by dinner...

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    Good man! That's the spirit! LOL

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    Default There app handel the camera, why no video yet
    I have seen app called iMatrix

    This app can handle the camera very nice and fast, so why till now there is no Video Capture program, I thought the idea was the program not able to handel the camera but in this app it mean making video capture program is not that hard..

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    Someone has to confirm that the specs of the camera can indeed be used to make videos with it. it would then take someone to work on the application level. It would be very cool if one day we get an appl. to take videos with the iphone, specially with 7 GB of storage available...

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    Much like the RAZR V3 first didn't come with video recording, neither does the iPhone. It will be added by Apple, sooner or later. if not Apple, then once the SDK comes out, someone will figure out hwo to add it.

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    Every time you download music, GOD kills a kitten.

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    There's youtube videos that show people using their iPhone as a live webcam/chatting device. The person's video stream that they are chatting with is shown on the iPhone. The only downfall is that you have to have a mirror set up behind the iPhone to chat. But hey! That's a pretty cool function even if you do have to use a mirror. Check it out: [ame=]YouTube - iPhone Video Conference[/ame]

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    Now possible with PocketCam, from senstic.


    1. Purchase PocketCam from AppleStore. (not sure if PocketCam Lite does the same job cause I haven't tried.)
    iTunes Store

    2. If you have not already done so, download and install the PocketCam for Windows or Mac software from their website: PocketCam for iPhone

    3. On Windows, run PocketCam for Windows and make sure the PocketCam service is running on your computer. On Mac, run any application that uses webcam and select PocketCam as your preferred webcam.

    4. Start PocketCam on iPhone, and the app will automatically connect to your computer. The bottom of your iPhone screen should display "Connected to your_computer_name: port."

    5. Start any program on your computer that uses webcam, and select "PocketCam from iPhone" as your virtual webcam.

    If you have any built-in webcam, please disable it prior to using PocketCam. Good luck. Cheers.
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    I'm thinking snapshots!

    I think stupid stuff all of the time... thats why having a workshop is so important.

    As a web developer and bash script experience, I'm thinking about doing this with an old 2G iphone using a bash script to execute the command to take a camera snapshot using EricaUtils every 10 minutes ---> scp to my production servers over Edge/3G... then write a quick web app using my framework and set up users to view latest and archived snapshot images.

    As far as power goes, it pulls very little.. and the screen will be off, so I expect any solar solution to keep it charged.
    How to make a solar iPod/iPhone charger -aka MightyMintyBoost...

    I would probably build some type of grey or camo wood or metal box with some flame retardant insulation it it for winter and a 1x1 plexiglass window for the camera to peek out of. Mount it to a tree facing at the river.. maybe high up so you need a ladder to steal it.. once I know it works... Hah...

    Snow? If I can position it right so the wind works to my advantage to keep snow off of the lens I'll be golden. The solor panel should keep snow off with heat.. or so I hear.

    The reason I say iphone is simply because its the only real device with a camera that I can SSH into, setup Bash and have it SCP to a webserver over wireless network. And its damn small.

    Even better, I can SSH into the iPhone from the truck nearby (or home) with my macbook/iphone using a DynDNS client.. unless it died or locked up. The I'll have to get the ladder out and drive there the next time i go fly fishing.

    Now only if there way a way to justify the monthly wireless fees? Possibly add it as a device to use my lot of allowance thru the phone I keep in my pocket?

    Maybe I'll have a few fisherman chip and I'll built it. I could probably do it in a weekend.

    I just hope no one steals it! I'll still force myself to get out and check out nature and the river.. but I have to say, it seems more "GREEN" than burning fuel for a 1 our round trip drive.

    If anyone wants links or more info, i'll dig them out. Or if you wanna make a few million, let me know and I'll build it. Hah!

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    downloade iwebcamera from app store this is a webcam to use with msn skype etc hope this helps using it now works fine using with windows 7 should be fine with xp mac.
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