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Thread: Anyone else have screen bubbles?

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    Default Anyone else have screen bubbles?
    So I noticed somethign on the screen abotu two days ago. At first, I thought it was a dead pixel but after looking more closely, I realized it is a bubble under the glass. I also noticed a second, smaller one. Anyone else had this happen? I plan on taking it by the apple store after finals but, for now, I don't have the time to mess with it. Think they'll replace it? I'm not looking forward to having to remod yet again

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    wow... That is a bummer man.

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    If you want to test your pixels here is a great little site (Use your iPhone's safari)

    Here is one for stuck pixels
    It's worth a try.

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    Yeah I had those on my iphone, but it "died" before I got the chance to go to the Apple store to find out exactly what had caused them. They gave me a new phone, hopefully this one stays bubble free.

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    Man, at first 1 had one, then 2 now i have 4 of them. Sad that i live in Singapore and really cant do anything about it.

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    thanks for the try broomhead, but definitely not pixels. Oh well, a trip to the apple store next friday

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    Default Had the same thing
    Hey Curt2121,

    Don't know if you are still monitoring this thread but I had the same issue with bubbles under the glass on my wife's phone. We took it back to the Apple store and the 'genius' replaced it. I asked if he'd seen the problem before and he said that he had but offered no explanation. Remains a mystery. I am happy that the issue is resolved for us but in the interest of iPhone users everywhere I have a thread open (sorry, didn't see yours before I posted) for discussion on the subject. What was the resolution for your issue? Did they replace it? Did you find out what had caused the bubbles?

    Thanks for your post,


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    A week or two ago, I started noticing a bubble on the right hand side of my screen. Does anyone have any updates to this? I'd rather not have to go get another iPhone, but perhaps it is necessary...
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    I had this problem occur on a friends phone. Two bubbles on the right side, evenly spaced from the edge of the screen; also had some strange discoloration on the LCD under the bubbles. I figured it was some sort of heat issue. Apple replaced it under warranty.

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