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Thread: "Error 6" trying to restore to 1.1.4???

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    Yes, i've had the same trouble, "Green Screen" in IBrickr but no luck in ITunes,
    except i don't get the Error 9 only Error 6...

    The only other Errors i've had are Error 1603 & 1604 and that was only because i went "Reset Sync History" in ITunes Edit/Prefereces/Syncing category...

    Well, my IPhone has offically been sent to a man who's fixed an IPhone with exactly the same situation same error message and also in constant "Restore Mode", so now it's in the hands of the Gods... Lol

    I'll keep you posted but I've got plan B already sorted that if he can't fix it and that's to send it to another "Pro" straight away from his address onto the next pro, so I will be most surprised like i'm sure you all will be if they both can't fix it...

    I don't know about you "toddsfeinb" but i don't have a lot of time and patience for pissing around using all my spare time trying to fix something that can presumeably be fixed by an expert fairly easily...

    My understanding of Error 6 and a lot of the messages is that well, they are not really so serious and that there usually always is a way to remedy them, I may be incorrect but it reminds me of reinstalling Windows, If the System is messed up or in whatever condition as long as the internal hardware is okay you can always and i mean always reinstall Windows and start a new journey fresh and renewed...

    So the Error messages in this sense would be that the problem is largely due to the USB connection or the PC Itunes installation or something local & which from reading a lot on these errors, it seems that the most popular fix is to "Restore" on another person PC and with another USB cable...

    So if you can't fix it friend try and "Restore" on someone elses system i've read sometimes it will take maybe the 3rd or 4th persons system(god knows why it seems ridiculous) to get a "Restore" but Hey, whatever it takes is my opinion...

    & if all else fails "Send it to a Pro" and let them deal with it...


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    I had error 6 so I called apple care and we tried a bunch of different things. turned out there was something wrong with my computer I ran disk utility and repaired it a few times and now it works just fine. I did have one more run in with the error 6 but I have another laptop so I just restored it on that. Which by the way I forgot to mention was how I got it restored in the first place. Apple care said it could be caused by a bad USB port as well try a different port or if you have one available another computer. you can just do the restore on the other computer then redo everything on your main one that is what I finally did. good luck

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    Thanks Diamond, let me know how it works out. If you don't mind, message me who/where you sent it to maybe I'll consider it. This phone is not mine, it's a friends who gave it to me about 2 weeks ago asking me to fix it for him because of this problem.

    Corey, what exactly did you have to restore/fix on your PC? Luckily, I did setup my friends computer with iTunes 7.5, I will have to bring the phone over tomorrow and try Restoring it there and see what happens. I only get the funky white/black lined screen when I try to Restore to 1.0.2. With 1.1.4 I get the spinny/loader continuously.

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    Just got notification that it has been fixed!!!!!

    Man, I'm so chuffed!!!!!!

    Not sure as to the reason or how he fixed it but i'll let you all know when i find out...

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    get full details, itunes version, firmwares he used, method of dfu or recovery, method of dfu/recovery kick out, get as much as you can out of him

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    Okay, got my Iphone back but...

    Updated ITunes after i'd sent it away and when i got it back i resynced it with the new version and it said, 'this Iphone was synced with an older version do you want to delete the older backup' and i said yes and then it synced... but...

    Now, it's behaving very weird like

    * slide to unlock takes about 10-15 attempts to get it to open
    * the ipod icon pushes itself by itself and opens ipod screen
    * ipod icon pushes by itself and the icons wobble
    * everything is largely unresponsive and random

    Can someone please help???

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