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Thread: HELP! Phone freezes all the time.

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    Default HELP! Phone freezes all the time.
    So, i was running 1.1.3 on 4gb for very long time, but it started to crash and freeze, not often, but still, so i upgraded to 1.1.4. All was done with ZiPhone, setting were loaded from iTunes. Everything was fine for few weeks, but then it started to freez all the time. Mostly in stand by, but sometimes when i was doing something, so when i was tiered of it, I reinstalled it again, loaded settings from backup in iTunes and hoped for the best, but it just started again. So i reinstlled again, with no backups at all. Still no success.

    It just freezes, sometimes the backlight goes on, and i can see that before freezin the mobile service is lost and it gets all hot.

    Apps installed:

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    First problem
    Never use Ziphone,it uses permenant ramdisk method spoiling the phone and corrupting its default Os files

    So Restore your phone using itunes to the latest version 1.1.4 (all the apps are compatible in that firmware)

    Then Jailbreak,Unlock(Not required if your on AT&t plan),Activate(Not required if your on AT&t plan),Youtube fix,Cydia Installer,Installer(download it from the payloads option) using iLiberty+ 1.3
    TADA Your DONE! now you will not face any more problems
    Done forget to backup ur personal items(contacts sms's etc) using itunes

    Dont use snapture,its like a memory hogger i would prefer using screenshot enable easy and perfect
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    Do you really need all those apps...?

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    they arent many most of them are apple default apps

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    Quote Originally Posted by haseeb View Post
    Done forget to backup ur personal items(contacts sms's etc) using itunes

    How do you backup your SMS's?
    I never found an option for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0m0n View Post
    How do you backup your SMS's?
    I never found an option for that.
    It does it automatically when you back up with itunes.

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    So reinstalled again, this time with iLiberty, freezes are gone, oh wait, nope they are still here (happened when i was writing this :P). So now mostly its random restarts, it loads up till the "Slide to unlock" screen appears and restarts again and so one, for like 3 times, then it works fine for some time. Just now it freezed two times on the "Slide to unlock screen".

    So what should i try next?

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    try on of these:.

    Safari-specific: clear cache, cookies, history Try these options first if you are seeing repeated crashes in Safari. Safari for the iPhone doesn’t have a very aggressive caching mechanism, but sometimes clearing it can trigger stubborn pages to load. Cookies can also become problematic. Delete them and re-try loading the page(s). Finally, deleting History can be effective on the Desktop versions of Safari, and may also be so on the iPhone. All of these items can be cleared by using the Settings application then tapping Safari.

    Full reboot Perform a hard reboot of your iPhone as follows: Turn the iPhone off completely, by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the device) for a few seconds then slide the red slider. Turn it back on by holding the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. This can clear potentially problematic data, preventing some crash-types.

    Keep adequate free space on the iPhone’s internal memory Like its desktop relative Mac OS X, the iPhone’s OS X operating system needs some head-room on the internal flash memory in order to operate properly. Try keeping at least 10% of the total space free to potentially prevent some crashes in applications, freezes and other problems.

    Restore the iPhone Try performing a restore of your iPhone. Connect it to your Mac or PC and, in iTunes, click the Restore button under the Summary tab. Restoring the phone will erase contacts, calendars, photos and other data on the phone, but will restore automatically backed-up information including text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc.

    Erase all content and settings As a last resort, go to the Settings application, tap General then select the Erase All Content and Settings. This will delete all media and data on the iPhone, as well as recent calls, etc., and all other settings. If you perform this operation and stop experiencing crashes, you might have problematic data being synchronized to the iPhone that is automatically put back when the phone is restored. In this case, you might want to go to iTunes, select Preferences from the File menu, then iPhone and delete your backed up iPhone settings. This includes text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings. Again, one or more of these data might be problematic.

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    Heh, if i have tried full reinstall few times without backups i dont think any of those tips will help me. ATM i am ready to throw that brick out, for me it is starting to look like HW isue. I dont know what to do
    Maybe downgrade back to 113 or smth like that.

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    Put your phone into DFU mode, restore to 1.1.4 and then be sure to setup as NEW.

    Jailbreak with iliberty+

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    done million times

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    Same problem as jjnerd. Getting ready to throw this out the window. I've done everything, even DFU Restore and erase the baseband.

    Any advice? I just need this badboy to hold me over until I find a way to get the 3G without contract.

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    So, new idea! Looks like the problem is connected with wifi, for me wifi is always ON. But i survived all day today with wifi OFF, came back home turned it on and phone crashed. Just thinking...

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    crashes and wifi is gone together, phone feels useless :'(

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